[Year in Review] The MOST Useful Posts of 2016 to Start 2017

The MOST Useful Posts of 2016 to Start 2017

Year in Review – You’ve told me THESE were some of the MOST valuable

coaching posts & trainings. It was VERY hard to pick just 12.  

And now for your fun thing! (Gotta end the year with some Fun! I’ve worked you HARD this year.)

Say the numbers 1-12 out loud. You are asking your intuition what you should read (or re-read) below. Just count until it feels like a number stands out.

Do this 3 times to get 3 numbered posts to read from the List of 12 below!

(Badasses can have a Tanya Binge and do all 12 New Year’s Weekend!)

  1. How to Start Off Your Year
  2. Convince Yourself
  3. The Dark Side of Giving
  4. Training vs. Talent – Which One Wins?
  5. God Is Inconvenient
  6. How to P.U.S.H. & Get BIG Things Done FAST!
  7. Manifesting w/Commitment or God Really Likes Countertops
  8. Why HOPE Is BAD for You
  9. My Birthdays Used to Suck
  10. How The Gurus in Your Inbox are Killing You
  11. Why Comfortable is My New Curse Word
  12. Want My Two Favorite Coaching Words?

Next time you hear from me, it’ll be Jan 4th, 2017!  I’ll have a new website coming on line soon.  And that first Wednesday will be an AUDIO message from me! New year, New things! See you on the other side…

P.S. I am releasing The Life Purpose Catalyst and I will be reborn as The Alpha Woman Coach…stay tuned! (Whoever you are, you are welcome to take the journey with me. Boys allowed!)

Just one more…I loved this one!

Why Work Life Balance Doesn’t Exist…And It SHOULDN’T 


​​​​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Resurrect Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE It ALL.


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