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Note: Do you cringe at the thought of groups of women?

Fear the "whiny", the "time hog", and the "won't do the damn work" ones?

These women are NOT allowed. If you are ready for transformation that suites your budget, this is it.

Tanya works with a handful of Alphas privately.

Private coaching is an investment and is GUARANTEED.

If you wish to apply, please complete the brief application below.

You save your marriage by STOPPING trying to save your marriage.

This is the Diamond experience where I REMOVE The 4 Cs.

NO Counseling
NO Crying
NO Communicating
NO Cooperating

Marriage counseling doesn't work.
One life guard will never save TWO drowning people.

You can stop crying. It doesn't help them hear you or want your truth.

You can stop trying to get him to TALK to you. I just need you.

You can stop trying to get him "onto the same page"

so he cooperates to save the marriage. I only need your cooperation.

Doesn't that just FEEL better?

In Art of Self Rescue we only NEED you.

I'll help you STOP trying to change the people outside of you.

You are drowning. We save you first.
Then everything outside of you shifts.
That's the law and it works.


I'm a 23 year Divorce Trial Attorney.
I'm ordained.
I'm finishing a Doctorate.

Who you are and that you are struggling is safe.

You deserve hands on attention, love, understanding & fierce protection.

You will get that first from me and I'll teach you how to create that for yourself, through balancing.

I have coached high net worth, the world famous and celebrities.

Your struggles are magnified by your position.

Apply. If you are mine, I've got you. And I don't fail. My coaching carries a Guarantee.

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