[Choices] Why HOPE is Bad for you…

Expectation ALWAYS Crushes Hope


To hope is good. To expect is better. I read that on a church billboard on my way home and the truth of it struck me SO clearly.


Our Universe responds to our thoughts, our energy and yes, our expectations. Expectation includes CERTAINTY.


Hope is usually an attempt to exclude DOUBT.


We HOPE we get the job (mixed in is fear we WON’T).


We HOPE the check arrives in time (but it MAY not).


We HOPE there are no more terrorist attacks and mass shootings (but we can’t be CERTAIN).


We EXPECT the sun to rise tomorrow. (It will)


We EXPECT our paychecks on payday (iffier, but still a fairly solid bet).


We EXPECT our refrigerators to be right were we left them this morning (clear winner here).


What we EXPECT we EMPOWER with our own energy and faith and because there is no doubt, we help create it or continue it.





Expect What you Want - Then Take a Step Toward It
Expectation kicks Hope’s butt when it comes to manifesting or creating the life you desire.


ALL poor people HOPE to be rich. How many EXPECT to be rich? (insert cricket noise here)


I don’t HOPE to have a great family one day, I EXPECT to soon build a family overflowing with love.


I don’t HOPE I can help my clients get through crazy blocks, I EXPECT it.


Today I want you to ask yourself what you are EXPECTING for the good or the bad? (FYI – FEARS are negative expectations and very powerful.)


Second, I want you to pump up all the good expectations that are on solid ground. And tear down the “good expectations” that are B.S.


Those sound like this:


Things will get better somehow (umm, nope – no change, no reasonable expectation of better)


Rescue is coming (there is no rescue – YOU are YOUR rescue, you’ll need to act to save yourself)


Those are lines that the spiritually weak throw around. YOU are learning to be STRONG. So true expectations are important.


If you are reading this and realize that you’ve built up way too many hopes and precious few good expectations, let me know. I can help you form your own rescue mission.


And if I’m on the team, screw hope, you can EXPECT SUCCESS.



Tanya Stewart (Signature)
P.S. Look for a post next Wednesday. I have so much to teach and share, I need more room. I may start a campaign to turn “I hope…” into NSFW!


P.S. To test the power of EXPECT versus HOPE just use them right now. Say “I expect something wonderful” then say, “I hope for something wonderful”. Which FELT better? Stronger? Less “dependent”? Which intonation went “upwards” like a question/uncertain statement? SEE!?!

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