[GOALS] Why “Comfortable” Is My NEW Curse Word…

Why “Comfortable” Is My New Curse Word

Comfort is NOT a “good” sign unless it’s a couch, a bra or a pair of jeans.

​Do you want to START things with the feeling you get only after you’ve begun it’s MASTERY?

Do you expect to use the feelings of comfort, safety, security and confidence as a signal that beginning this “NEW” thing is a good idea. Your ego is truly trying to brainwash you on this.

It has convinced you to look for signs that will never ever be present at the commencement of a new skill project or activity. NEVER.

The ego convinces you, you can’t start coaching or dating or learning to dance, writing a book or starting a business because it feels “uncomfortable” and you have doubts and you’re afraid. When you feel comfortable and secure and confident THAT’S your “sign.” THEN you’re going the right way…

I call Bullsh–.

If children used “comfort” as a standard, the entirety of human civilization would cease to evolve!

At some point tying your shoe was unnatural and uncomfortable. Remember? Multiplication tables. Riding a bike. Learning to drive a car – especially a manual transmission. Cooking. SEX. (I don’t care what Nora Roberts has to say about it [very famous romance author], your first time was likely not comfortable and confident.

Think about it. What are you NOT doing because it’s uncomfortable? A move. A break up. Returning to the gym. Standing your ground with your kids. What are you writing yourself a “pass” on?

What is that costing you?

It is WAY more likely that discomfort is a spiritual GO FORWARD sign than run away sign…

I want you to be uncomfortable.

I make my clients uncomfortable. I won’t try to have you love me constantly because then you don’t GROW, you don’t CHANGE, you don’t try anything NEW.

Get uncomfortable. Today.

Hit reply and tell me what uncomfortable thing you are willing to do. Want help? I can do that, ask.

P.S. I used my crock pot on FISH! Seriously. It felt…uncomfortable to begin with because I’d never done it before. And? It totally worked. Salmon and Cod cooked together. It went so well, I cooked every piece of frozen fish in the freezer (12!) and the next day I cooked an entire bag of shrimp in the same fish broth. LITTLE WIN – BIG DEAL. Now I can buy fish in bulk and KNOW I’ll cook it. Get Slightly Uncomfortable with me, it’s well worth it.

P.P.S. Tanya’s Definition of Entitlement – Those who INSIST on YOU maintaining THEIR comfort with NO contribution from themselves. (Hell no.)

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