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Why Did I Show You All of This?

Not to impress you.

But so you hear me when I say the reason I am the best in the world at this is NOT because of my head, my skills, education or aptitude you see above.

It's my heart and it's direct connection to what I know as God.

The Energetic Field of the Heart is 5,000 times stronger than the mind. (Yep.)

THIS is why I do not fail.
THIS is why I give a guarantee.
THIS is why I can't be bothered to count minutes when I work because I work for God.

So, because I know who you are right now, I gave you a pile of my worldly credentials. That way your head can analyze the "decision of me" and feel "safe" in stepping toward me.

But you already know.
You ALREADY know.

You knew when you got near me. You knew after 10 minutes of listening to me. Your heart (muffled, bound and gagged) began to whisper....there is hope.

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Your heart, which recognizes the heart in me, is saying THIS is our way out. This is how we break free.

My job is to make it easier to act the wordless truth in your heart that THIS IS IT. To make sense so your head doesn't sabotage you and helps you ACT.

Your ONLY JOB is to get me on your team, Rob whatever, Steal whatever, Borrow whatever.

The investment is not the issue, the results ARE.
This is your LIFE.
Get to me. This is primal stuff.

In the olden days, when danger was coming, you dropped everything and you got yourself to your Lord's castle.

You ran for the Keep, that Keep, would keep you safe.          That's ASR for Alphas.

Get to me.

Let me lead you out of the dark place that you've been pretending you're NOT trapped in.

Doing so is my delight.

IT is my gift.                                                                                    IT is my mission.                                                                            IT is my honor.

From This moment on, you are to STOP freaking lying to yourself about where you are (behind), what you want (more love), how you feel (lonely & an imposter) and how people are treating you (shitty).



It's okay. I've got you. We'll fix it all. It's who I am.


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Her story is a lot like yours.  Somewhere in early childhood, like most Alphas, she began to struggle with her mom and feel “not valued” by her dad.  There was a breech of trust, that led to all the defense mechanisms she now calls, “Alpha”. She became strong, resilient and a top student to protect herself from the world and to try to meet her needs on her own.

She learned to compensate for the fact that she constantly felt “alone” in a crowd, unloved and unseen.

Yet on the outside, she was brilliant, beautiful, crazily outgoing and very accomplished.  She struggled to find friends that where there for her and men that didn’t either try to control her or follow her like a puppy.

Even though she had a highly analytical mind, and was originally a Physics major, her strongest skillset was PEOPLE. She turned down becoming a Patent Lawyer for the energy and battle of High Conflict Divorce and trial work.


3 years after her law school graduation, she founded her own firm, The Stewart Law Firm, in 2001.  There she learned to use all of her skills: analysis, speaking, coaching, presenting, investigating, negotiating and ass kicking to change the lives of her clients and their children.

And while making good money, her heart became heavy.  100% family law exhausts the soul, when you specialize in the meanest, the nastiest and the most combative cases.  It took her years to own her truth, that she was done being a Family Lawyer but NOT done helping women and business people.

She did the hard work of closing the law firm to legal cases in 2012 and began consulting as Business Coach and teaching Marketing with a global brand. She quickly realized that women cannot grow their business unless they handle their PERSONAL blocks.

3 years later she became a full time Life Coach and has never looked back.

Over the years her focus shifted: Life Purpose Catalyst to Alpha Women Life Coach to what it is now, the Art of Self Rescue helping High Achieving Alpha Women STOP Struggling in their Marriages to their “Emotional Opposites”.


Tanya married her best friend in 2005. A marriage welcomed by family and friends who all agreed he was “good for her” and “balanced her”.

In other words? Her emotional opposite.  By 2010 she would find herself struggling through a miscarriage after feeling emotionally alone for years.

She couldn’t take the passive-aggressiveness anymore. After a round of unsuccessful marriage counseling, she gave up in shame and divorced in 2011, taking all debt with her. Fast forward to 2018.  Tanya has paid 5 figures for coaching. She has done the classes. Read the books. Done the inner work and attracts her soulmate, an Australian.

She moves 10,000 miles, literally to the opposite end of the earth and walks away from all she knows (home, car, friends, family, U.S. Law License) to start her Happily Ever After. Just one catch.  Once she arrived she realized, she’d married her pattern…again!

She was broken and lost and drowning.  It is from this DEVASTATED place, that the Art of Self Rescue was born out of necessity.

She saved herself and in the process changed her marriage with No Counseling, No Communicating, No Cooperation and No Crying.  And yes, she can teach YOU to do this to.



There are two ways to learn. By example and by touching the hot stove.  When it comes to love and relationships, apparently I am a STOVE TOUCHER. My Mission and calling is the help all the Alphas who resonate with me, learn how I saved myself. You'll see EVERYTHING you want comes from Saving You First.

I am passionate about you not feeling like an imposter anymore. About you, looking like you have everything on the outside while you are a hot mess on the INSIDE.

I’m NOT OKAY with the fact that we feel ASHAMED to admit our marriages are struggling in a world were apparently anyone can say or do anything openly and demand empathy for it. NO.



No more not wanting what you WANT. That ends here, if you’ll let me lead you.                                                        Teach you. Train you and LOVE you.

All You Need Is 20 Seconds of Insane Courage - Ask Me to Help
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There is nothing more powerful than understanding how you got here,

so you can CHOOSE where you want to go now...I've GOT you.


Tanya Dyer, Esq. opened her High-Conflict Divorce Law Firm in 2001. After her 2011 divorce, Tanya set out to learn WHY soo many marriages fail. It would take 2 decades, but she finally discovered HOW to help High Achieving Alpha Women, who've married their emotional "opposites", STOP STRUGGLING in Marriage.

She used what she learned to save her 2nd marriage and found her calling to Save YOURS too. She founded The Art of Self Rescue to Save YOU First.

Now you can STOP fighting, Rebuild Lost Confidence & Security and FINALLY Pursue Your Purpose. Guaranteed. Not a typo.     The coaching IS guaranteed 🙂

Need to Break Free of Your Struggle? Tanya Dyer is a 22-year Divorce Lawyer, Founder of a High-Conflict Divorce Firm, Author of 'the Smart Guide to Life After Divorce', Mensa Member, Advanced Clinically Certified in Hypnotherapy, Metaphysics PhD Candidate, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker & Life Coach.                She's GOT you.

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Over the past decade, Tanya has received the honor of being:

  • Interviewed on Radio, TV & Magazines - Known as "The Happy Divorce Lawyer"

  • Former Director of Marketing Strategy & V.P. of Strategy of Internatinal Digital Marketing Agency

  • Advanced Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy

  • Metaphysics PhD Candidate for 2021

  • Author: The Alpha Women's Guide to Life: The Steps ANY Bold Businesswoman Can Take to Find Happiness, Feel Loved and Make Money with Less Struggle

  • Author: The Smart Guide to Life AFTER Divorce

  • Coached for & Trusted by Les Brown, World Famous Motivational Speaker

  • Legal Advisor & Coach to Global Personalities (* Identities Non-Disclosable)

  • Ordained Minister & Former Hospital Chaplain

  • Former Chairman of Board of Georgia Rainbows, International Child Grief Organization

  • Host for National Small Business Week for Women

  • National Moot court Competition Champion

  • Certified Legal Mediator

  • Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem for Child Custody Cases

  • Coaching Recommended by Best Selling Love Coach, Greg Baer

  • Coaching Recommended by International Change Expert, Dr. Eldon Taylor

  • Mensa Member, High IQ Society Requiring Top 2% Intelligence

  • Featured on Prominent Podcasts & Platforms Including:

  • The Primal Blueprint

  • Burning Man Podcast

  • Fit2Fat and Atlanta Parent Magazine

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A native of the Chicago Suburbs in Illinois,

Tanya has also lived outside Atlanta, Georgia and

a nice stretch in Mexico. She’s a world traveler

visiting 25 countries and counting.


She's now based in the Riverland of South Australia,

where she lives with her Australian husband, Michael,

and enjoys the company of her 3 adult stepchildren.


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