[Commitment] God is Inconvenient…

People have a tendency to look to see if God’s request was convenient before they say yes. It doesn’t occur to them that sometimes God is making a request in order to cause you to have to stretch. Sometimes the STRETCH is the point and not the request itself.

I told you last week about my 3 coaches. Trust me, that WASN’T my idea! I had picked ONE. The second one was huge STRETCH. And you know what? Figuring out how to make that work, changed me and my coaching business for the better before we even began coaching. I had to go into YES Energy to figure it out and not run away.

I’m always kind of appalled at people who ask God for help, get an answer and then disregard it because…well, gee, it looked…hard. Because the answer wasn’t one, clear easy step from where they were standing…Because the answer did fit THEIR expectations of what it should be.

Seriously? Seriously?! Would babies ever learn to walk if a) you didn’t encourage them and LET THEM FALL and b) the stuff they wanted was in easy reach?

Walking is not convenient. Being healthy is not convenient. Running a business is not convenient. See a trend here? Getting to the “better” is almost never convenient.

I take the bible as a master metaphysical guide.  In it, whenever God asked somebody to build a temple, you know what he DIDN’T do? He didn’t drop a container from the sky with 6000 pounds of pre-cut lumber, 40 pounds of nails, back up a truck of mortar and bus with 20 workers all carrying Home Depot credit cards – prepaid.

That’s YOUR part!

Whatever you are led to do or shown to do, let me be clear – the “HOW” is your part, but you do the “HOW” by letting Source via intuition guide you to the easiest way. You do the “HOW” by letting it be done FOR you. You do the how by Proving the Law of Asked and Answered. But you gotta accept the answer.

If you really need all those material things, you’ll find them on your journey (i.e. on your way, i.e. to be more clear – once you have gotten off your ass and started proceeding in the direction that you were told to go).

Inability to commit to yourself leads to inability to commit to God.

Here it is clearly – if you cannot commit to yourself you cannot commit to any of the following: your job, your spouse, your children, your self-love, your spiritual purpose, your life, your health or your Source. Did that narrow it down for anybody as to why self-commitment is kind of the most important thing you can do?

Make a commitment to open and read these coaching emails weekly. Invest a few minutes in examining your life each week to see how you can improve, especially when it is inconvenient. That is an easy commitment to yourself you can start with.

My DIY home self-commitment kick start instructions below. It will work for you. Warning: It’s not convenient.

I like simple. The fastest and easiest boost to self (You can ask me for a HCG recommendation if you need one.)-commitment (read Self-Love) is to begin a healthy lifestyle. Ok. I’ll call it straight. Go on a diet. Change your eating habits and exercise patterns. I’m not a fitness coach – but I know a few! You don’t need directions so much as you need the resolve to begin something new. Start with 8 glasses of water or herbal tea EVERY day. Commit!

If you really want self-commitment – I recommend you use HCG diet if your overall health permits it. Why? Because it’s like a kamikaze boot camp for your body which pushes your mind to notice and surface all of its bad thought patterns. You’ll break habits, like sugar, snacking, late eating and inactivity. And all of those habits are adaptations to your lazy – the opposite of self- commitment.  (You can ask me for a HCG product recommendation if you need one.)

If you were hoping for something easy to build self-commitment, I have not found it yet. I’ll keep an eye out. Basically, go after something HARD (my first Half Marathon was a self-commitment exercise) and keep going and do not accept your own excuses no matter how good they sound. In just a few weeks of showing up for yourself, your self-commitment muscle will be stronger.

As you can only give away what you already have, you need to do this double time if you are in a relationship, modeling behavior for children or running your own business (big one there).

Want some help? Ask me your question below.

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