[Manifesting with Commitment] or God Really Likes Countertops

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[Manifesting with Commitment] or God Really Likes Countertops

For two years I struggled with the space in my kitchen. There is just under five linear feet (1.5m) of countertop and very little cabinet space. I really wanted more.

Here’s the important part – for two years I have wanted my kitchen to function better – but had I done anything about it? No. Why? Because I was NOT COMMITTED to doing anything about it.

This is the same issue that most poor people have. They want more wealth, financial security and abundance – but they are not committed to doing anything about it – so nothing ever happens.

Point #1 A Want Without a Commitment is just a WISH. 

Commitment is the first of my Four steps of the Decision-Making Process. (Webinar Replay link comes tonight!!) It is the most important and most difficult step. It is the step that I see people mostly never meet.

Here is your easy test of commitment: what will you allow to stop you from doing this thing? (What if you’re tired? What if your kids get sick? What if it’s expensive? What if [biggie here] you don’t know HOW to do it right this minute?)

If these things can and have stopped you – the truth is you were not 100% committed. Being kind of committed is like being kind of pregnant. See? Doesn’t work.

When intuition told me it was time to solve my problem – I committed. I was doing this now.

Point #2 Intentional Manifestation is a decision and so requires a Commitment to begin it.

If you are trying to manifest health, you must commit to doing whatever it takes to get and stay healthy. Yes, that means confronting obstacles you DON’T like.  

Here is what I didn’t have at this stage (obstacles):

  • transportation for a 7 ft (2.13m) cabinet
  • a countertop to fit its non-standard size
  • any clue how to paint furniture

In short, I had plenty of things that could’ve stopped me except that I was already committed. When I couldn’t find anything online that I like or that fit, I asked the Universe.

“Kindly send me a countertop to fit the cabinet you already picked out for me.” I went to sleep knowing it was done (because it was).
Point #3 – If you only get part of a manifestation, YOU are blocking the rest.  Spiritually, all problems have solutions and all cabinets have counters.

If God sends you something – he finishes it! If he sends an opportunity, he sent connections. If he sends you a dream, you have ability. If he sends you a coach, the money is available.

The next morning was Saturday and the place was packed with holiday shoppers (Memorial Day in the US) but my $30 cabinet was still there. (Of course.) And my perfect countertop was nearby for $15.

Transportation. Calling friends didn’t work. Commitment meant I was prepared to rent a truck that would cost me as much as the cabinet itself to get it 3 miles home.

Because I was willing to do the thing that I did not want to do, the Universe made it unnecessary. My neighbor and his brother drove down and picked it up in their truck for free.

Point #4 When you are willing to do whatever it takes, you often DON’T have to.

This is everyday living when you can apply what you already know. What followed? No line at the home supply store, got all the perfect materials in less than 10 mins and it came out…well…you can see the photos!

When you are ready to be able to — USE what you KNOW to make your daily life work and flow, just contact me and let me know.  See more of the work photos here!

P.S. It’s Decision Making Webinar Replay Weekend! Watch your inboxes. Sending the link tonight for the replay that is good through Monday night only.  Learn the other 3 Steps to the Decision Making Process and How to Make (and KEEP) a Good Decision!

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