Convincing Yourself…

Figure out which group you belong to in today’s post.

Are you Convinced or Do You Need a “Convincer”? 

Is someone always having to chase you?
Do you choose and stay convicted-of do you flop right back?
Do you second guess all your important decisions so people can’t feel secure around you?

We do one thing the way we do everything. 

For my 2016 I released the desire to convince anyone of anything. It’s efforting. It’s engineering. It’s resistance as opposed to allowing.

Convincing usually involves using a “how” as proof. “Hows” are not our job (hell, they aren’t even MY job and I’m a Coach!)

Convincing is not “easy.” And I now choose EASY in 2016.

Stop needing others to convince you. Decide yourself (responsibility) and then stick (Commitment).

When you say “convince me”, what you are really saying is give me guarantees, give me security, give ME promises that YOU will control MY outcome. How is that not putting that person in the position of your God?  When you give away power, you feel powerless, so you feel crappy WHEN people are “convincing”  you. It’s NOT them and their action, it’s you giving away power that makes it feel icky.

Convincing gives us a back door we can sneak out of if “it” fails by blaming whoever “convinced” us.

As a lawyer my clients wanted me to do this and I DID it for a decade and a half before I learned better. Calling myself out, hindsight is 20/20.

Need to lose weight? Convince Yourself.
Need a coach? Convince Yourself.
Need to face your mistakes? Convince Yourself

                                                                            CONVINCE YOURSELF

No one wants clients we have to chase.

We don’t want lovers we have to chase.

We don’t want jobs we have to force.

Or Bosses we need to tap dance for…
Start by Convincing Yourself of what you need or want to do. Commit to THAT. Then empowering, committed, non-wiggly energy will show up around you so there is less need for you to convince others.

>>>>Simple formula: Don’t like it? Fix it in you* and it goes away outside of you.

(*If you aren’t directly doing what you don’t like, you are probably FEARING it being done to you – spiritually these are IDENTICAL. They will both attract, in fact fear actually pulls it to you faster than even “doing” the disliked thing. Example: You don’t like cursing. You may not be DOING the cursing, but if you are afraid of being cursed at or around- you attract it.)
You will feel soo much freer letting go of the false obligation to CONVINCE other people and releasing the burden on others of CONVINCING you.

Many, many people WANT help. If that’s you, Convince Yourself that you want a coach. Then do my 4-Steps. Commit to making it happen. Clarity will guide your Choice of coach. And finally, Inspired Actions show up and you are on your way. That’s spiritual rocket fuel.

Giving up people who constantly need to be convinced restores your energy and is Self Loving.

Do you see where you can give up some “convincing” somewhere and let more ease into your life?

*****Share with me what kinds of convincing you are giving up!

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