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[Birthday Lessons] My Birthdays Used to Suck…

Suck and Suck out LOUD…This requires a little backstory: I don’t know about you, but I have spent YEARS worried about my birthday.It was important to me so I always wanted to have good plans, made in advance that worked.

Ha! For at least 10 years (I should be ashamed to tell you) my birthdays have been anywhere from boring to disasters.

I, of course, blamed this on OTHER PEOPLE. LOL. Nope, it was ME.

The truth was that after a few screw ups eons ago (in my 20’s), I locked the “pattern” AND you guessed it…EXPECTED IT! Fearing it is EXPECTING IT.

When I got my advanced certification in Hypnotherapy a few years back the VERY FIRST thing I did was to hypnotize my “birthday” anxiety away! It went POOF and it felt kind of freaky NOT freaking out because my birthday was 1 week away and I had no plans.

That was the beginning of me letting the Universe plan my birthday and holidays. I just watch and see what SHOWS up and go with it. (Last Christmas I felt I should stay Home – no cross country flights, no airline security, me in MY house for the 1st time, it was wonderful).

This year for my July 6th bday I went with the flow and did a “no planning” short (90 min drive) up to Chattanooga, TN with my best friend, Victoria.

What I Did and You Should Shoot for in August:

(1) Always look pretty/handsome on your birthday or at least ONE dayper month. It just FEELS good.

(2) It’s nice to be the passenger – you get to see so much more than driving even right where you live.

(3) Find time to stop at THAT store/place you keep passing – we found an antique mall in the middle of nowhere during a rainstorm.  We NEED little adventures. Give yourself 15 mins without rushing.

(4) Be kind to strangers in restaurants seated near you. I welcomed a lovely older man eating alone into my gift opening and laughter. He anonymously bought our lunch! THANK YOU!

(5) Experiences don’t have to be SUPER SIZED. I ate ice cream. I bought incense & a wood wick candle. We walked along the river for 45 mins. I had my feet in the water for 5 and it felt luxurious!

I got well wishes from all over the planet – distance & first wish winner was Klemens in Beijing at 12:02am. Hi K! Personal cake graphic from Linda D 🙂

I didn’t need anything but I got lovely gifts. BOOKS! I didn’t plan for anything, I just expected to be happy and the Universe reverse engineered the day and the events to make that happen. (Hint: It’s a Law.)

Thank you for telling me the Expectations vs. Hope post moved you. I used to HOPE for a happy birthday – that SOO didn’t work. Now I expect a good one and simply let it arrive.

If you have been secretly “hoping” to work with me one day – STOP IT! I want you to expect to work with me.

Shoot me a reply and tell me you EXPECT to work with me. It might be next week or 7 months from now but taking action on your Expectations isespecially powerful when you have NO CLUE how to get it! It invites surrender and allowing. 🙂

Extra Credit:  Get a glass jar, put “I coach with Tanya” on it and start putting in your daily change. Every time you add change say “I coach with Tanya”.  If you send me a picture of your jar, I will send you a surprise 🙂

And yes, you can use this for other expectations too! You’ll be “charging” your jar with energy every time you repeat what you EXPECT and then add your coins = personal energy/investment to it. Trying “expecting” it to arrive before the jar gets full!

P.S. Friday I am going to tell you about how the super angry email I received first thing in the morning on my birthday was the BEST. THING. EVER. 

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