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[Best of] Top 10 Posts of 2017- What did You MISS?

Top 10 Posts of 2017 – What did You MISS?

Here are the top 10 blog posts of 2017! Oh my gosh, it was hard to pick. 
  1. The 18 Words You Want After ____ Hits the Fan
  2. One Path to Happiness (Or How I Got Off Drugs)
  3. Productive Delay – The Safest Way to Fail
  4. Are You “Purse Ready”?
  5. Goals are WORTHLESS If You Can’t Stop SETTLING + A Surprise!
  6. Are You An “Either Or” Person?
  7. [Sabotage] NEVER Start at the Beginning
  8. Overwhelm & Capacity – What You NEED to Know
  9. Voicemail #3 from Tanya – You Are Amazing
  10. [Goals] In Praise of Crutches

There are two ways to “do” the top 10 blog post list:

#1 Read them all. DO them all. Benders are GOOD for you sometimes!

#2 Pick 2 numbers between 1-10 “randomly” and Read THOSE. You may be surprised at how well this method works!

What if you’ve already read that post? Good. Read it again! You’ll either get something different or this time you’ll apply it easier. 

Want MORE?? Now it’s in ONE Place!

SADLY LOTS of goodness had to get left out of our list to get it down to just TEN. You have missed a LOT if you were new and joined me late in the year with the Alpha Woman Success Academy.

Help is here!
When you are in need of help or support or a boost or some direction here is where you go right now:

I have centralized 75 of my weekly videos, all of the voicemails AND available trainings right here for you!

Hundreds of coaching blogs are all there too, searchable. Go get what you NEED 😊

2017 is Wrapping Up Right Now.
How Did You Do?

Don’t miss out on the “Dear Alpha” call THIS Sunday.
New Year’s Eve at 2 pm EST. 


It’s pretty silly to have a question and not get my answer to it (remember Alphas are bad at asking for and RECEIVING help!). 

I’ll see you on Sunday! We’ll start your 2018 strong. Send your question now. Right now. Stop reading and type!

First, hit reply now and send in YOUR challenge. Or email it to me at AlphaWomenCoach@gmail.com

Second, let me know how the “random” number pick reading goes! Don’t cheat and read the titles, just pick the two numbers. 

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