[Focus Mag] Overwhelm & Capacity – What You NEED to Know


Overwhelm & Capacity – What You NEED to Know

So last night I “crashed” when I stopped moving after a full day plus two back to back late night calls. I just suddenly realized I was tired.

I was kind of surprised. I literally had to mentally walk myself back through my day to figure out what in the world had I DONE to have my battery be so low?

And there it all was! So my tiredness was “approved”. I don’t let my ego just suggest I am tired or that we should feel drained. If you LET it do that, it will do that to you without cause!

So since I’m REALLY busy, let’s take a moment to train you on overwhelm and capacity and how to get the most from YOUR battery!

                      Sheila Heen – Feedback Expert & Harvard Law Lecturer

The five C’s of expanding your capacity.

  1. Build your confidence.
  2. Expand your connections.
  3. Improve your competence.
  4. Strengthen your character. If character is not strengthening your capacity is weakening. We need to check our leadership for leaks.
  5. Increase your commitment.

Today’s Topic: Tanya’s 3 Laws of  Capacity

  1. Overwhelm is a Choice
  2. Capacity Expands Relative to Demand
  3. To Have MORE In Your Life, You Must Make MORE ROOM

Law #1 – Overwhelm is a Choice

A. First, please stop using this icky word and phrases including it like, “I’m so overwhelmed.”

Saying you are overwhelmed admits to the listener that you have not made good choices. It reinforces the belief that you do not have the ability to either control your time or manage your own decisions and capacity.

Anything that you keep repeating, you are affirming! You are asking for it!

Pay attention over the next week and see if you spot yourself using this word. Are you thinking: “I feel so overwhelmed…This is overwhelming.”

Every time you say it or think it, your ego rubs its hands together in child-like glee. Why? Because it has you affirming your INABILITY to do whatever it is you need to do.

B. Overwhelm Comes from NOT Deciding.

I bet you know someone who is never overwhelmed. (Hint: You don’t have to look too hard, you’re reading her words right now.)

How did I achieve this magical state? Did a fairy come and tap me on the head and give me the magical cloak of Un-Overwhelmability? (I do kinda like that idea actually…)

Nope. I don’t get overwhelmed because I’m decisive and I continually make decisions at the moment when a decision is called for.

Note the last half of that definition carefully – at the moment a decision is called for. You may believe you are decisive because you do in fact make decisions, but decisiveness is not making decisions eventually, by default, once a crisis has arisen or to avoid danger.

Decisiveness comes from the ability to make a decision as soon as the decision is called for.

Decisiveness is an element of Purse Readiness. When you maintain your life in a Purse Ready state, when an opportunity arises or request is made, you can make a clean decision without having to delay.

Remember here again, my four steps in Tanya’s Decision Making Process: 1) Commitment, 2) Clarity, 3) Choices and 4) Action.

You always start from your commitment and then tell the truth about your situation and what would be blocking your commitment and what would be in alignment with your commitment. After that, it is way easier to make a choice and take action on it.

If you continually find yourself in a place of overwhelm, you are getting requests coming at you for decisions that you’re not making. As you avoid them and they stack up, you feel worse and worse about yourself and start making poor decisions. Overwhelm is a combination of the consequences of those poor decisions PLUS the decisions still being avoided.

C. Overwhelm is a victim mentality.

The state of being overwhelmed and being overwhelmed perpetually is a victim mentality. It is steeped in the energy of “I can’t” and “I shouldn’t have to” and “It’s all too much.”

I want you to stop rewarding the state of overwhelm in yourself and in others around you.

Your best friend: “Oh my God, I do not know how I’m going to figure this out. I’m feeling so freaking overwhelmed right now. It’s like I can’t do one more thing…”

Old you: “I know, right? This is crazy. I’m overwhelmed too.”

New Alpha: “That feeling totally sucks. Do you want my help figuring something out?”

IMPORTANT: Watch out for this in your children. You do not want your children using the word overwhelmed!

Seriously. A child. How could that even be? It can only be true if they’ve mentally decided to let things drag them down to that feeling. You want to model for them that overwhelm is a CHOICE and to be mindful of how frequently they are using these types of victim terms.

I want you to consider the frequent use of the term “overwhelm” as a danger sign – in yourself and others and especially in your children.

About every single child anywhere who’s had a mental health crisis or is heavily medicated for something, will tell you they felt “overwhelmed”.

Alphas must model what they want their children to experience.

Law #2 – Capacity Expands Relative to Demand

If you want to be able to have more in your life, just get yourself busy doing more in your life.

Yep. Just like the famous story of the goldfish that you get at the fair in the tiny little glass bowl…they grow in size in response to their environment.

Your capacity to be more, do more, have more, feel more and serve more is expanded by demand.

That means, you don’t get the extra until you asked for it, but once you’ve got it, you get to keep it!

It’s kind of like your credit card. Mostly, you need to ask the credit card company to increase your line of credit. Once they give it to you, it’s yours! It expands by demand.

Do you sometimes get a letter from your credit card company magically telling

you they added $5000? Yes. But what caused that magical letter to come? They offer you MORE because you’ve been doing something, somewhere else in your life that MERITS MORE. You made an indirect demand for more.

When you’re considering women like Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey and Betty White their capacities expanded because they had a need for extra.

This is critical. How does capacity expand? It doesn’t expand while you sit there WANTING it to expand, so you can use it to do more. The laws of the Universe are constant everywhere! It is always, give first, then receive.

If you need more capacity, you take on more and then your capacity expands. You commit first and THEN you are given the resources needed to meet your commitment.

People consider taking on a new job or having a baby or joining my coaching

program. I tell all of them the same thing, you first commit to do what you do not have the current resources or capacity to do. You go all in on it, and THEN the resources appear.

Capacity FOLLOWS demand. Capacity does not proceed demand!

If capacity proceeded demand, poor people sitting on couches would suddenly discover that they have the ability to start that business, fund that business, market that business and sell to their new client base – all BEFORE they left the couch!

You have to actually request the resources that you need based upon a committed desire or plan that requires them.

Think of working on a big construction project. On the site, there is a giant company supply room. You do NOT get to go to the supply clerk and requisition objects and materials IN ADVANCE of your having a committed and approved building plan.

Ahh, but once you DO have an approved building plan that the company is committed to (that’s you), then materials are there for the taking!

Capacity follows demand.

Law #3 – To Have MORE In Your Life, You Must Make MORE ROOM

You don’t go to the grocery store and buy 10 turkeys at Thanksgiving, because you don’t have room for 10 turkeys! (Yes, I am tempted!)

Those turkeys could be four cents a pound, but there is still going to be a point at which you don’t have ANY more room for more turkeys.

That’s the critical part of being Purse Ready, we make space in advance of the “turkey sale”!

Whatever you’re telling yourself that you want – if you don’t currently have room for it – ask yourself how serious you are about receiving it? And ask yourself how likely is it that the Universe would give it to you, as you are showing it that you’re not ready to have it right now.

There is an old adage that if you need more clients in your business you should clean out your filing cabinets. I can tell you that I personally have done that twice in my law firm and it actually worked!

And remember last year when I did the great purge of business clothing? Dozens of suits and boxes of clothing, so much of it brand-new. It’s true, opening that space let more abundance find me.

Overwhelm is a state of not having enough “space” for whatever it is that you think you should be doing. If you are constantly saying you are in overwhelm, you are also saying to the Universe that you don’t have enough space for your new & good things.

Release Overwhelm. Expand Your Capacity & Make Space.


Expand your capacity and grab your spot in Alpha Group Coaching. Perfect timing or easy to do? Probably not. Do it anyway.

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Ask Tanya

Tanya’s Teaching:

Notice how often you’re saying or thinking the word overwhelm. When you catch yourself with that word, replace it by getting yourself to mindfully choose to do or not do whatever is in front of you.

Just actively choosing to DO the thing instead of doing it under protest makes a huge difference to how you FEEL while doing it.  



To utilize your capacity you must believe it BEFORE you see it.  You must believe that you CAN do what it is you’re deciding to do BEFORE the way to do it will be shown to you. When you rely upon the strength of your necessity, burning desire or faith in making your commitment, the blocks that would prevent you become visible and your capacity expands.

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