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When to Leave a Friendship?

When to Leave a Friendship?

Friends are a pillar of emotional support and source of happiness. But there are times when every relationship comes to an end, and even a solid friendship can go wrong after a point. This is a universal phenomenon, considering the fact that people change and may not like you or need your company as much as they did before. Although leaving a friend can be painful, especially one you have had many sweet memories with, you need to know when you should move on.

When you outgrow a friendship

Every day, you change and so do your views, priorities and desires. Have you wondered why some childhood friends who used to be bosom pals for you during junior school days are not there anymore? As your maturity level changes you cannot connect with a friend anymore and not laugh at the same jokes, cry on the same tearjerkers and find fun in the same activities. After a point, you begin to grow out of a friendship as you are not the same person anymore. It is better to let go of resistance to this change and create newer friendships.

When friendships go wrong

Any relationship depends on mutual trust and respect, and it is often that you can find a friend making you feel bad with his actions, behavior or gestures. It could be because your friend has changed for the worse, or stopped caring about your emotions or is simply exploiting you to gain some advantage. Do not hold on to the person despite the hurt. Step back when you find the person repeating the mistakes despite repeated requests.  Don’t ignore the pattern they’ve created.

When a friend is not true anymore

When a friend betrays you or attempts to deliberately do something that will put you in harm’s way, you need to put an end to that friendship. Make sure that he is doing this intentionally, and walk out when you are sure of his intentions.  Do that in the easiest way possible for you. A letter, email or even a text can be appropriate parting methods if the person will try to manipulate you into changing your mind when done in person.

When a friend holds you back

A true friend never holds you back and impedes your growth. When you find the person causing you emotional harm and holding you back from progressing in life, find out why he or she is doing so. Does he have a valid reason, or simply trying to keep you close to him or worse, jealous of your potential success? A friend who is too self-absorbed, trying to compete with you constantly, disclosing your personal information or belittling you in every occasion needs to be reclassified. They aren’t your friend anymore.

It is never easy to leave the friendship but if the friend has been taking more from you and the relationship than giving and that has been contant and ongoing, find the strength to act on your truth. Getting a coach can help you through that.

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