How to Be Feminine in Business?

How to Be Feminine in Business?

The business domain was once a male bastion, but not anymore. In the last four decades, more and more women have become successful in business and many of them now head top corporate positions. But women are often criticized as being too bossy or cold, which are not regarded as feminine traits. You do not have to act like a man to be successful in business. If you are a woman in a business position, you can get greater acceptance by simply acting as natural to your sex and not like men. The following tips will help you to be feminine in business.

Dress like a woman

Do not wear boxy dresses that hide your shape. Wear outfits that accentuate your body shape, although too tight-fitting, short or revealing dresses are a strict no-no. Put on dresses which have hints of feminine colors, such as pink, yellow, orange or light red. Team these up with a little make-up, such as neutral eye shadows and pink/red lipstick. Even if you do not like makeup, you can simply use a lip balm to moisten your lips. Groom yourself well, get a good stylist to cut your hair, pay attention to pairing your clothes along with some makeup and appear polished and poised.

Use feminine accessories

Although you do not need many accessories, you can simply use a few key items such as thin silver bracelets, cute rings, pearl earrings, a silk scarf or a hair clip. These can help enhance your femininity, and make you stand out from men. The essence of femininity lies in embracing your womanly side and acting responsibly, but not acting like a man.

Wear a perfume

The scent of a woman defines her almost always. If you wish to be feminine, wearing a scented lotion or perfume can help. Rubbing a small amount of scented lotion on your arms or neck or simply putting a small amount of perfume onto your neck can be enough. Use only a small amount. You simply need to smell good, not overwhelm others with a too strong fragrance.

Be fun

Being feminine means you do not have to act like a man, and act macho. Be fun, smile and joke with others. Be at ease with yourself. Maintain a fine balance between being open and happy without flirty. Simply mix with men and women at the workplace in your playful and lighthearted self. Show up as you!

Have a feminine walk

The walk of a woman sets her apart. Have graceful body movement while walking around, and walk more with the hips instead of the shoulders. Take lighter steps and glide in as elegant manner as possible. Take shorts steps faster even when you are in a hurry. The way you enter a room or a meeting is always noticed, consciously and subconsciously.  Hiding your femininity is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence in yourself.

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