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[Self Test] How Many Can You Answer Without Flinching?

How Many Can You Answer Without Flinching?

Asking the right life changing questions can make all the difference for you.

Run down the list quickly and make note of the top 3 that make you MOST uncomfortable and spend the next week digging into the answers for those. Don’t forget to score yourself at the end.

1. What am I continuing to allow that I don’t want to continue to receive?

2. Look at the “thing” in your life that is troubling you most and then ask this-if I had it to do over again would I get involved with this job, business or person?

3. What do I do every week just for joy?

4. List the top 5 relationships in your life including the relationship with yourself – are you #1?

5. Where am I giving only “just enough” to when it is something that deserves more?

6. What are the three things that I most want in my life and am I working to have them now?

7. Do I allow myself to want what I want or do I want only what I think I can get?

8. What is the problem that has been following me for the longest number of years – the problem that keeps popping up over and over?
9. When was the last time I gave myself a fabulous gift for no reason?

10. Do I work when I work and play when I play or do I mix them and feel guilty?

11. Do I finish what I start?

12. Am I as kind to myself as I am to the person I most love?

13. What am I doing right now for my personal growth?

14. How is my health on a scale of 1 to 10? If below 8, what am I actively doing about it?
Is my relationship with money resulting in easy cash flow or difficulties?

15. How many books have I made time to read or listen to since the beginning of the year?

16. Are I on target to hit my first quarter goals?

17. What challenging thing have I stretched so far to do that I failed?

18. What is new in my life this Spring?

19. What is my biggest fear?

20. What is the one biggest thing I can do right now to move me closer to my goals? Am I committed to doing that NOW?

21. Is my relationship with money resulting in easy cash flow or difficulties?

I felt good about my answer to:

0 – 7     This is a good wake up call. Your life is yours to enjoy or not. It’s all up to you. Tackle your top 3 one week at a time.

8 -14    You are doing okay but don’t coast! The enemy of GREAT is GOOD. Pick something. Improve it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

15- 21  If you land here, take a deep breath and honor the work you’ve done and choices you’ve made to get here. Then roll up your shirt sleeves and see how you can do a little more. The reward is a life you love, lived with people you love while doing what you love. That life is worth almost anything!

How did you do? Let me know…

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