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[Manifesting] Speed Doesn’t Kill but RUSHING Does!

Speed Doesn’t Kill but Rushing Does!
How often this past week have you found yourself rushing?
  • Running out the door…
  • The mad search for your keys…
  • Groaning as your phone rings just before a deadline…
  • Giving out the “honeyIloveyoubyeseeyoulatergottarun…” kiss
I just got a Super Sized version of the lesson that RUSHING is what is bad for us and screws up our manifesting.
Rushing: Speed + Fear
It is not just speed or moving quickly – it’s the MOTIVATION behind the speed.
If you are rushing, you are going fast because you are afraid if I don’t, _________ will happen, that I really do NOT want.
Rushing is a “Fear Sign” to me now. When I am rushing, fear is present. When fear is present, something I don’t want is getting energized into being.  Now I am very mindful of rushing…

As you know, I am in the process of building the next summit, on Self-Love! I’m interviewing experts and teachers from all around the globe to teach you more about self-love and how the lack of it creates our problems and the presence of it creates our dreams.

Wrangling over 20+ experts from all over the world is like herding cats and you get tempted to RUSH. Whenever I start, rushing (come on, gotta get this done today because I am afraid ___________ will happen otherwise…) MORE problems would come.

One day last week I had 3 interviews set and my internet suddenly went down in my part of the city 2 minutes from the end of an interview I was taping from Belgium!

Then my emails went wiggly, then I couldn’t enter a password I KNEW was right, then another expert had to reschedule…you can see how this was going. Snowballing into crappy, powered by FEAR.  

This is what I call “Spinning” – when you are locked into a negative loop (words, thoughts, events or feelings) that you can’t seem to get out of and it’s feeding on itself. I had to stop – go outside in the sunlight and phone a friend. I had to ask what I was doing to CA– USE all of this chaos?? If you’d like to know 5 Steps to Breaking Out of A Spin – read below.


Answer: My icky rushing energy had attracted a pile of crazy technical obstacles to me. And remember, problems are not obstacles to be solved, but just indicators of gaps in your self-love. If I’d kept my attention to trying to solve the internet, the email, the password and the scheduling I’d still be in that mess!

All of those problems were showing me a gap in my own self-love. What was the gap for me? That I had to rush or maybe I’d miss or lose an expert! That is basically a gap in the old favorite “I’m not good enough and people won’t help (love) me.”

I got my energy on even keel after spotting & addressing the gap.  And when I walked back inside? You guessed it. The internet company had said it might be down for another 6-7 hours but they’d fixed it while I was outside in 45 minutes. My password worked (I KNEW I had the right one!). My emails were behaving. The expert happily rescheduled to the next morning (and the energy for it was soo much better!).  All of the problems resolved once I dealt with the reason they came into being.

We are very powerful creators. What is going on inside of us, we can see outside of us.

And the higher you grow spiritually, the more aligned you are, the higher your vibration –> the QUICKER you see your errors! They manifest faster. The time delay between something you think or focus on and it showing up gets cut down. Which sounds fantastic, but remember it includes your unwanted manifestations too!

Lots of folks around the world will celebrate Easter this weekend. If you celebrate it-

Happy Easter. If not – Happy Spring (in my hemisphere!).  Watch yourself this coming week for RUSHING and spinning.

To R.U.S.H. – Resistance Urging Speed that Harms © Tanya Stewart, Esq.
5 Steps to Breaking Out of A Spin:
  1. Notice you are spinning. If everything you touch is going sideways and everyone you encounter has an attitude – they are all just mirroring back your negative spin!
  2. Change Environment. Odd are strong that the spin is connected to wherever you are right now. MOVE! Get out of there. Even if you can only go to the bathroom or hang your head out of a window.
  3. Release Icky Body Tension. All that nasty is constricting your body. Jump up and down. Wiggle. Stretch. Sprint up some stairs in the stairwell. Even 2 flights will do it.
  4. Ask yourself what you are doing? What you are not seeing that’s causing it? This is a powerful step as it realigns you with power instead of helplessness that is at the core of every spin. You acknowledge it IS you, which is good, because you can tell YOU what to do. Note, you may not see the lesson but don’t worry, just reconnecting with the idea it’s you and there IS a lesson will help break the spin.
  5. Decide on an action (anything positive) and go do it calmly and deliberately. This is you taking an action. Per Esther Hicks, it takes 17 seconds to attract a new thought and at 68 seconds holding that new thought (or action) you’ll shift your energy and the Universe will start sending you stuff to match the new action and STOP sending you stuff to match the spin.

I saw I was spinning once the 5th impossibility hit. I changed environment by going outside. I moved my body by pacing and being in the grass. I asked what it was and after my energy shifted, I saw my lesson was RUSHING IS BAD!  At the end of my 45 mins in the driveway, my action was to “walk barefoot in the grass for a minute and then go back in the house and write a draft of my (as yet unsendable) email”.  It Worked and it will work for you.

That is how to use the Law of Attraction to help you break a spin. Let me know how it works for you and what spins you’ve broken out of!

If I get some good feedback from this teaching, I will give you my P.U.S.H. Plan next week for free that I developed to counter the Rushing!  I need 10 people to ask me for it and I’ll do it.  Just hit email me or comment below and say “Show me how to PUSH”.
I’m off to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend 🙂 Be safe and happy!

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