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[Self-Love] What You Can Learn from a Spatula…

What You Can Learn from a Spatula…

Yes. This post is about spatulas. 3 of them to be precise. I have (or had) 3.
The question is HOW does that happen? Ok. The literal answer is divorce, moving, can’t find one…etc.
The REAL question is where in your life are you permitting a bunch of “ok” instead of one “AWESOME”?
Of the 3 I had, I religiously used only ONE. My favorite.

Beaten, bendy and slightly melted, it was the only one I ever reached for.

And I had to reach AROUND the other 2 to get it every time. (Clutter!)
Thankfully, as it often will, the Universe intervened and MELTED my favorite spatula to a brand new cooper pan. (My fancy non-stick pan ATE my spatula.) That is another story!
And I am sad to report that I definitely ate some melted plastic in those protein pancakes…sigh. (What? Like you’d have thrown out a whole batch of warm pancakes? THOSE were quality!)
Off I go and buy another spatula – a nicer one. (Finally.) As I reached to toss out the 2 cast offs, my head mumbled something about “being wasteful.”

It is NOT wasteful to release what no longer serves you, even if IT STILL HAS — USE OR VALUE.

Quality vs. Quantity

I want you to look inside your life for this today. Where you do have multiples that fall into the ‘average to crappy’ category instead of having ONE GREAT ONE or a few really nice ones.

Once you find the thing (try dish towels, underwear, pjs, measuring cups, measuring spoons, hangers, pillows, bath towels, remote controls to start…) – notice how hard it is for you to release it or throw it away!

You must. You are not only making room, which creates a vacuum for the Universe to fill, you are reinforcing your higher self-worth.

I did a little dance (ok, maybe a medium sized dance) on my lovely Persian rug in my kitchen after I let those PERFECTLY USABLE items hit the trash.

I am worthy of a great spatula! You are too. If you subconsciously don’t see yourself as worthy of a great spatula, how can a great job, great mate, great house or even a great Saturday find you?!? It all counts.

Once you find the thing (and you will if you look!) get brave, toss it and then ask where you are also doing the same thing with:​

Work (keeping worn out things around you while you try to make MONEY is a bad idea!),
Friendships (4 acquaintances instead of one “ride or die” bestie),
Health (lots of cheaper “faux” health foods instead of a few organics or high quality supplements)
Shoes (buying for the “sale” instead of for the foot’s comfort and long term support)
Down time (watching 468 hours of marginal tv instead of locating what you really WANT to see).

I want you to throw away SOMETHING in your house that is about quantity and go for the quality.

Need help spotting what in your life is just ‘quantity’?

(It gets sticky when it’s a friendship, job or man on your couch.) How do you figure out how to get and keep the quality? Hit reply and ask me how!

In Joy,

P.S. Let me know what you are tossing out!

I just took a car load of stuff to a local consignment shop – what a wonder to have it gone immediately!
Duplicate high value rugs, multiple brand new, in box decorative wall ledges, tons of pillows. All things I have other nicer versions of!
Now someone else can find them and marvel at the fabulous deal they got and feel glad I released it!

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