[Purpose] 10 Mistakes to Avoid to Find Your Purpose + Surprise (Shhh!)


10 Mistakes to Avoid to Find Your Purpose 

#1 You want to create a complete plan before you begin your purpose. Sorry Charlie, this will fail and in fact has to fail because people doing this (perfectionists) are doing this out of fear. Remember, nothing done with the fear motivation can be allowed to succeed long term. Make a plan do the best you can and then just start -but don’t try to dot every i and cross every T to keep yourself safe – not only will it not work, but you will attract the very thing you fear.

#2 Instead of YOU creating the plan yourself, you decide you’ll just wait for God to show you the perfect, safe path before you begin. My clients know one of my favorite quotes is “stop making God work so hard “. A lot of the skills for your purpose will come during the journey to your purpose, so stop trying to shortcut that. If you see something all laid out, visible and entirely safe, I would be very suspicious of believing that is your purpose. The Universe just tends to not work that way – in that it does not reward a lack of faith with a complete clear plan.

#3 Believing you can see your purpose from anywhere in your spiritual development. I’ve often taught there’s a spectrum to spiritual development – kindergarteners, eighth graders and on past college students. Your purpose is at a very high, pure frequency so if you’re still in “fourth grade” spiritually, you just can’t receive it, process it or understand it YET. Yes, you have one but you’re not far enough along in your education to get it. Keep moving and you’ll get there!

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#4 Trying to figure out your purpose with your head instead of your heart. It’s just not going to happen. Really. Not going to work. Your head is the home of your ego, whose entire purpose is to keep you from God, love, happiness and your divine plan. Your heart is connected to source. If you want your purpose you go through your heart.

#5 Rejecting a purpose because it requires a leap instead of a tiny step. Come on folks – we’re talking about divine plans here. It really should require a little bit of faith which always requires you to act on the unseen before it can become seen.

#6 Believing ANY other person (such as a spouse, parent or employer) could ever block your purpose.  Another person cannot even be NECESSARY to your purpose because it would require they give up their free will for your dream. Can’t happen. Being a divorce lawyer for 15+ years I cannot tell you how many people have told me that their spouse killed/blocked/delayed their dreams. Sorry, that is an excuse. (One I’ve used before myself mind you…) If you take the steps required of your path, the dream would always find a way.

#7 Not getting in motion right now and trusting your purpose will arrive en route. A lot of times you meet your purpose on your way to somewhere else. So if you never go anywhere, guess what?!

#8 Assuming everything about your purpose will feel comfortable to you.  By its very nature a divine plan is BIGGER than your mind/ego can picture and usually outstrips your current ideas of your worthiness-that is the whole point. YOU HAVE TO GROW INTO YOUR PURPOSE!

#9 Not asking for help to achieve your purpose.  Get busy, raise your skills so you can carry it out. If you can actually conceive of something with a burning desire for it, then it is actually possible for you to do it.  The resources necessary to help you will be provided if you can align yourself with that purpose. Meaning = help is on your path – get walking!

#10 Fear of uncertainty.  Uncertainty is the birth of all creativity. It is the open field of quantum possibilities. If you’re certain, then your ego has a plan and all other options have been collapsed and you just limited God. Stop that! Some of the best moments in our lives have come about in ways we could not possibly have orchestrated or predicted – out of the uncertainty. Cultivate an attitude that allows uncertainty while seeking your purpose.

Bonus point: Be careful of asking for help to reach your purpose (like money) and not using it as you promised when it arrives. The Universe won’t punish you for reneging, but you’ll punish you because you’ll feel guilty and that energy will attract other unwanted things.

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