[Motivation] Stop Doing This 1 Thing & Watch What Shows Up…

Are you coming from a place of No?

When someone comes up to you and offers you a new opportunity like a new project at work or a solution to a problem you are having, how do you typically respond?

Most people come from what I call “No Energy”. It is extremely important to know whether your habit is responding to new things more out of No Energy or Yes Energy. Because No Energy tends to be associated with poor people, unhappy people and those who are not going to reach their life purpose.

Yes Energy is the energy of the happy, the wealthy and those pursuing their purpose.

So, which are you?

As your coach, I want you to come from an energy of “Let’s see” (consideration energy), “It could work” (possibility energy) or “I’ll see how I can make this work” (committed/Yes Energy).
 Your ego opposes most of what others propose that is new or helpful. You may have noticed that you tend to start closer to an energy of “I’m not thinking this will work” (skeptical energy), “She doesn’t see what I can see that makes this not apply” (discounting, discrediting, patronizing energy), and “This won’t work/doesn’t fit me” (No Energy).
 When we begin in No Energy we WILL FIND and we WILL ATTRACT what will prove us correct. Same for Yes Energy (thank goodness)! So if a person is starting with No Energy, they tend to “evaluate it” and then say no and feel like it was a neutral decisionbut it never was.
You can find plenty of information somewhere (online, past experiences, imagination, friends) to support your starting position either way, a full yes or a hell no, on any new solution. It depends on what you go looking for and the attitude with which you look.
When I coach people, when they hit No Energy, I stand in the fire and push because they’ll break through it because they know I love them. When my clients hit No Energy it is a BIG DEAL. We have hit something that their ego put in their strongest safe, under armed guard. It HAS to be surfaced and exposed as untrue.
No Energy is a leaned back, eyebrow up energy rather than a leaned in, wow if this is true- how I can accept it/do it/see it/believe it. It’s just a very long term habit that no one has ever challenged you on successfully. And now I am…
I have to get you to notice the subconscious resistance pattern your head immediately puts you into when your sacred cows are attacked. Your head knows that your “neutral” investigation is tainted and it wants it that way. I trigger you because I’ve been willing to go back and forth and skirmish with you about it so you see it. Others probably won’t fight you, so you won’t see this issue with folks who won’t stand their ground and call out your fear based resistance. Chickens. They are scared of you!
Because of who I am and what I do, I prefer my clients push themselves to receive all of my serious recommendations with some kind of Yes Energy. That doesn’t mean you are saying instant yes, but it does mean you will go LOOK for how to make it work.
I don’t coach folks stuck in continual No Energy. Solution A? Excuse A. Solution B? Won’t work. Solution C? Don’t know how to start…. Solution D? Not enough time. Solution E? I could, but it will take forever. Solution F? Don’t have the money right now.

Suppose I had a brand new Mercedes. It has 3 miles on it. The model doesn’t matter. It’s brand new and has all the toys. I paid cash and now want to sell it for $10,000. No Energy People: Why is it so cheap? Something must be wrong with it. I don’t have 10,000. That’s a lot of money. What is the exact make and model-probably has recall. Yes Energy People: I’ll check it, but if this is real, I need to find 10,000. No brand new Benz is worth less than $30K. How can I get the seller to wait so I can borrow the money? Maybe I can stick it on a credit card…If I resell fast at just $20K, I make $10K.

Which one were you?

Poor people decide slowly and change their minds quickly. Rich people decide quickly and change their minds slowly.

Deciding quickly and not wiggling requires YES ENERGY.

Your head is a seeking function. It will work to show you want you ask for. It’s organic Google. If you type something scary into Google, you get back scary matching results. You will NEVER get back Disneyland, Tulip photos or Rumi poems. What you go searching for is ALWAYS what you get. So, what are YOU searching for?

Just begin to notice when you catch yourself in No Energy and shift yourself a little to possibility energy – this could work, what if this worked. It will make ALL the difference in the results that show up in your world.

You cannot solve a problem at the level of energy or thinking that created it said Einstein. Most problems are created from No Energy, so shift to Yes Energy and watch to see what begins showing up for you – solutions and opportunities.

Spend the rest of February LOOKING for how to make things work in Yes Energy and tell me what shows up for you.
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Tanya Stewart, Esq.
Life Catalyst for Rapid Transformation

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