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[Mindfulness] What You Can Learn From Fake Eyelashes…


What You Can Learn from Fake Eyelashes…

I have kind of watched out of the corner of my eye (hehe) the new trend of women getting fake eyelashes. I have no clue if it started with black women, but I do see them used there quite a bit.

I knew it had hit mainstream when my StepMom showed up with them for a family wedding. And you know what? She looked awesome!

So I noticed that my tiny “judgy” voice was going and told it to lean back.
Much like hair extensions, these things make some women feel more beautiful. My worry is when you HAVE to have them to feel beautiful and when little girls learn that their hair, nails, butt, eyelashes, breasts and whatever else aren’t “good enough” as God made them and should to be augmented.


I had lashes once a few years ago, when I was hosting an internet Tv show for National Small Business week. Someone owed me and I received $300 movie star lashes as barter! Hand applied, mink and done by the lady in Atlanta who does the news anchors. Guilty secret? I loved them. I just felt GLAMOROUS. Marilyn Monroe-y. And they DID make me prettier and saved me some prep time in make-up on set.

Fast forward to last week. Getting ready to shoot 20+ interviews for the upcoming Alpha Women Success Academy. (Oh, you are invited of course!) I was in the chair getting my eyebrows done and suddenly my intuition said go for the lashes!

I did it. First, $25 lashes are WAAAY different from $300 lashes. And someone glue-ing near your eye is just plain SCARY. (I used my yoga breathing.) But… the effect…hello black Marilyn, I missed you!
Where does the mindfulness come in? To keep these suckers on, you have to become MINDFUL. How I sleep, how I wash my face, moisturize and especially remove the make-up I’m layering on for filming.

Instead of RESISTING the extra work, I am enjoying it!
Million dollar tip: I chose to change my MIND about it.  I am taking more time at night and in the morning with my face. I carefully wash it and anoint it with goodies like Vitamin C and sunscreen. I feel INDULGENT taking this extra time on me FOR ME.  

I didn’t need a reason to take better care of me… or DID I?

Mindfulness brings love and patience and Source into whatever you are doing.
You can be mindful doing laundry, cutting grass (one of my favorite times to be with “me”), applying lotion or driving.

Mindfulness is just being 100% with you.

I am prettier in these lashes because my energy is heightened in them, in part because they have me investing more time IN ME. What you focus on and pay full attention to is VALUABLE.

What can you do this weekend MINDFULLY? Let me know if you need my help.

Eyelashes also fall into my “crutches” category because I am NOT a make-up girl. (If I told you how old my foundation was, you’d call the EPA..) It means I don’t have to try to cake on mascara. My normal make up is lipstick and eyeliner and neaten eyebrows. With lashes, I don’t even need the eyeliner!

Take 3 Mins and Enjoy a video of me teaching “Mindful Lotioning”!



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