[Manifesting Part 3/3] Space…The Final Frontier + Surprise Inside

What did 23 full suits, 17 suit jackets, 4 pairs of pants, 19 skirts, 43 shirts, five pairs of shoes (three new) do to OFFEND me?

They created Clutter.
And Guilt over having too much stuff.
And Guilt over NOT using what I have and not even WANTING to use it anymore.

Reminders of my old life as a lawyer that I left behind to begin my dreams (coaching you!).

Even reading that feels heavy doesn’t it? How much stuff are you holding onto and what is it really costing you?

I donated it ALL.

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All these clothes were packed away in boxes and jammed into a closet of my storage room. (Ok. Ok. It’s the extra bedroom I TURNED into storage.) It made the room so cluttered and full that I kept the door closed. What does that tell you that I HAD to keep the door closed?! The energy was so disturbing that I didn’t want to look at it on a day-to-day basis.

Yep. That’s what we call a “sign” folks.

I wrote a post earlier about how clutter blocks manifestations – my life is good and yet I know that stuff was blocking SOMEthing!

Oh and don’t be confused – something does not need to be laying on the floor to be clutter. It could be neatly tucked into a closet out of sight and it’s still clutter!

I told you last week that I was excited to see what the Universe would send to fill this vacuum I was creating by releasing all of these clothes.

Yep, even gave up all 5 almost identical shirts I didn’t know I had!

How about a brand-new iPhone… Wait for it… Free!

(Watch the details of this part of the story carefully…)

I got my iPhone 5 in March 2013. So my phone is over 3 years old and I take good care of it.

Magically, the sleep wake button at the top right corner of my phone just stopped working last week. It made me acknowledge that the battery life on my phone was pretty much shot too. I committed to getting my phone fixed because I am bringing in more ORDER around me. (Hint: Commitment!)

Coaches Note: Most people would’ve been pissed off that their phone was broken – they might’ve wondered why the Universe was being “unkind” to them. First opportunity to be annoyed.

I got online and started googling the issue and discovered to my surprise it was a known issue that Apple had issued a “recall” for. A recall of course that I’d never gotten. A recall under which they agreed to fix the issue for free. But it had expired over a year ago. Never fear, they had extended it again – and that one had expired three months ago! Missed it. Twice.

Second opportunity to be annoyed.

Then I googled about the battery life on my phone. You guessed it. Known issue with Apple which they would’ve fixed. No charge. I missed THAT window too.

Third opportunity to be seriously freaking annoyed.

Oh well, my phone had given me good service and I was willing to pay & repair it.

Then this past Saturday (after I bundled up all the clothes and made all the space) the thought popped in my head to call an Apple store and just…Ask.

The corporate operator on the line, Kristen, is the coolest customer service operator in the Universe. I coach everybody, even phone operators. Her? It made her HAPPY. She said she felt INSPIRED & thinks I’m amazing. She convinces her manager to repair the sleep wake button and the battery.

Apple gives me a repair code for both – no charge for a battery beyond it’s 3 years life expectancy!

At the store, the first person I talked to said it’s notoriously difficult to fix these items and I might have to just buy another phone for $80.  Fourth opportunity to be annoyed. What happened to FREE?!

I said: That sounds like a fantastic deal to me! And I sit waiting for my good deal… except God wanted me to have an even BETTER deal…

In the end, the second person I worked with gave me a brand-new iPhone 5 for zero dollars.

Make SPACE people. Make space, release happily and expect good things!

Yet, there was ONE thing I could have done WRONG to ruin it all…read on.

I got everything transferred – including 2400+ pictures (don’t ask…lol) flawlessly.

When you create a vacuum-the universe feels it. I created a vacuum by making space in my home and in my heart and doing something good and the universe sent me a good. Notice the two are completely unrelated – I was sent something that I greatly valued totally different from expensive tailored suits I formerly valued.

Notice that it every opportunity where I could’ve been annoyed – I wasn’t. I just accepted it and assumed it was part of whatever I was supposed to get because everything is always working for my good.

I do believe had I thrown a predictable tantrum at any of those 4 points – it would of shifted the energy and BLOCKED the manifestation of my brand new phone.

I did not plan to do a three-part series on this, but this is how it worked out. The Universe knows what I’m supposed to teach you and it leads me. I’ve had so much fun on this though, that I want to talk to you about it – LIVE. I’m throwing a flash coaching call. No cost. No formalities. Not even setting up a sign in page.

Just dial up, hop on and I’m going to talk and teach about manifesting and answer questions about the material that I’ve covered (and omitted) from the last three posts. Sound cool? Come talk to me!

I’m not doing any kind of fancy registration – if you’re coming hit reply, email or comment below and say “YES” and I’ll send you the phone number to dial or Skype-in.

I feel like talking on Sunday – so I will do the call Sunday at 2 PM EST.  This gives all my European friends a break – you can finally talk to me live and not be up after midnight!

Looking forward to talking to you! I want it to be a smaller call so I’ll take the first folks that ask until I think it’s getting to large.
Talk soon! Love you.


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