[Manifesting Part 2] God Said Let There Be Light…

[Manifesting Part 2] God Said “Let There Be Light…”

I didn’t have to think too hard about what to teach this week. Once you get in alignment and Source starts to flow… well… it keeps flowing!

Last week you read about God and counter tops (if you didn’t read that, catch-up here) and saw how manifestation works in day-to-day life and how it starts with Commitment.

Maybe you thought God was done?! Ha! Not even close. Read on – lots of wonders needs lots of detail.

You saw my existing kitchen cabinets were dark brown with silver knobs and the counter I built is dark brown with a white top – so I put on inexpensive, temporary white plastic knobs.  Later, after I saw I would keep the counter white, it occurred to me that white and silver knobs would be perfect. Oh well so I thought…
I want you to COUNT the little miracles/manifestations in this story. Momentum (in either direction) is VERY powerful and ALWAYS draws more of the same.

After my counter renovation, the kitchen looked amazing & just felt like “love”. Suddenly, I knew it was time to fix the poor lighting. Yep. You guessed it. For two years, I was also bothered by the dim light and had to use lamps to cook comfortably.

Solution? Get a light fixture & have the handyman install it asap and spend the billion dollars on lightbulbs (what the hell has happened to lightbulbs? Seriously. I need a home loan to buy lightbulbs! Who wants to pay $20.97 for a lightbulb that will last 22 years!). Sigh…

I picked out what I thought was a perfect ceiling fixture at IKEA and made my way downtown to get it Saturday. As soon as I had it in my hands I knew… It wasn’t the right one. I just knew I’d gotten it wrong. (Coach’s Note: I felt no guilt, no regret. I just wondered why I was in IKEA. I always assume I’m being guided, so I am.) I put it back and walked through the rest of the store empty-handed and made my usual stop at their big giant clearance room before I left.

In the clearance room – OF COURSE – God left me white ceramic and silver chrome handles PERFECT for my cabinet and of course – $.75 a piece! (God knows I love a deal and seriously always sends me what I want on sale.)

In that moment, I laughed out loud as I knew perfectly well that God sent me to IKEA thinking I was getting the light fixture just to get the perfect handles.(Coach’s Note: Intuition doesn’t give whole maps, it gives a single step at a time.) I said thank you!

From my phone, I picked a new light fixture from Home Depot online and went home to buy it. And found…I was five dollars short of free shipping. Grrrrrrr.

I spent way to freaking long trying to figure out what $5.01 thing to buy to get the free shipping, when suddenly I realized – THIS HAD TURNED HARD. That meant I was getting in the way. So I asked, what to do now? I’d picked the wrong fixture again!  So I picked one more time (yeah, #3). And began the wait for the installer…

Now it’s Sunday 3 o’clock in the afternoon and suddenly completely out of the blue it occurs to me that A) I want my light fixture right the hell now and B) I am perfectly capable of installing it myself and not waiting weeks and begging the Handyman (who tends to arrive faster if he thinks I’m baking while wearing a sundress).

Installing an electrical fixture. Ever done it? Nope. But suddenly, I just KNEW I could. My home is old and has Jinky wiring (that’s a Tanya term for “screwed”). But you know what? I DID IT.

I encountered multiple problems (who needs a Ground wire?!), but one of my commitments is “Everything is Solvable”. I texted for help. Nothing. I’m not going to say I dashed out to WalMart just to buy a wire-stripper during a tropical rain storm…but yeah..I did.

I cooked dinner that night under my new light.  Flipping that light on changed my life, boosted my faith in me using Source intentionally even higher.

The two people I texted for help didn’t answer, so I knew I was meant to do this on my own. They BOTH popped up once I was had committed to my course and was leaving the WalMart fully soaked.

The Universe directed me to Bring ORDER to my kitchen. Then God moved me to Bring Light. Next week, you’ll see the direction to Bring SPACE to my home. I’ll teach you about creating a Vacuum in your life to bring in whatever good you are keeping away…(excited to see what shows up for me!).

When you get Committed & begin improving your life, things MOVE FAST. I have openings in my private coaching for you if you are ready to Bring MOMENTUM & ORDER. What old situation do you need this flow to straighten out? Let me know and I’ll help.

P.S. I teach what I know, so I love this little journey I’ve begun in my home and sharing those lessons with you. Write and let me know if you’ve been inspired to begin any projects! Your projects can work out spiritual issues.

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