[Joy] It is NOT a Regular Friday…It is ________ Friday!

It is NOT a Regular Friday…It is _____ Friday…

My client Dawn told me she was taking photos to capture the beauty all around us.
She sent them to me. I arranged them below to share with you.
There is JOY available to you. But you must LOOK and EXPECT to see.​

When you check out this video the only word that comes to mind is LOVE.

31 MILLION People have seen this video and I bet there were 31 Million SMILES.
There is LOVE available to you. But you must GIVE it first to RECEIVE.

Today I just want to wish you LOVE and JOY.
It is NOT a regular Friday. You are alive (others have passed).
You are willing to change (others resist).
God beat your heart 115,200 yesterday and you didn’t have to earn it.
It is not a regular Friday. It is YOUR Friday. Go do some little thing to make us both proud.

Share with me what you did with YOUR FRIDAY and I’ll share what I did
too on Wednesday!

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