[Focus] 7 Lessons From This Year’s Olympics

7 Lessons From This Year’s Olympics

(1) Years Of Effort And Preparation Always Come Down To A Few Minutes.

Simone Biles USA’s gymnast superstar (5 medals so far, 4 Gold) trains 300 days A YEAR. She said she missed her proms, dances, dating. How EASY would it have been to say, THIS ONE dance doesn’t matter – I’ll just go?

**Where are you cancelling your own efforts in a weak moment?

(2) Opportunities Get Lost When You Lose Your Focus.

False start eliminated a guy Sunday night. Dutch gymnast Yuri van Gelder was sent home for drinking. Both out of the Olympics. Done. Both lost their focus, one just for a second. That was enough.

**What should have your CONSTANT focus right now that doesn’t?

(3) Champions Are MADE Not Born.

Check out my post on Training versus Talent. This is my year to TRAIN my TALENT.

**What dream did you let go of because you weren’t BORN “with it”?

(4) Everyone Loves A Winner.

Michael Phelps, 28 Olympic Medals. 6 this time, 5 Gold. Enough said.

**Can you be happy for all those winning around you, even if YOU aren’t winning?

(5) You Can Do What YOU Decide You Can Do.

There is a US swimmer named Katie Ledecky.

Phenom. Won 5 Medals. 4 Gold, 1 Silver (relay, so we’ll say that wasn’t her fault!)

Swims the 200m, 400m AND 800m.

In the past swimmers have thought you CAN’T swim well at both short AND long distances. (Uh huh). The mindset is totally different (Uh huh). The training is too different (Uh huh).

Katie’s mindset? I choose to. I can. Watch me. I’ve earned this. She re-broke HER OWN 800M WORLD RECORD by 2 seconds swimming so far ahead she looked alone!

**What “story” have you accepted about what you can do/can’t do that’s stopping you?

(6) Missing The Win By A Little (1/100 Of Second) Is WORSE Than Missing By A Lot.

​When you lose what you want by a tiny margin, you are filled with regret that you didn’t go the one extra mile that could’ve made the difference. That you LET OFF THE GAS TOO SOON. You didn’t FINISH.

**Where are you letting yourself “coast in”?

(7) Everybody There Has A Coach.​

​Coaches are all about speed. (he he, pun intended).

Seriously. They give you the short cut to the better you.

Poor people think “I don’t need a coach, I’ll figure it out. I can’t afford it. I might fail anyway…”

Wealthy people look at what they want and ask is THAT LOVE, MONEY & HAPPINESS worth getting FASTER.

Answer: Hell YES.

I just hired my THIRD COACH for this year. I could’ve bought a VERY NICE CAR in cash or I could find my hidden blocks, move them and become GREAT at what I was born to do – coach you. They give me SPEED.

Where do YOU need a coach?
There is something you think you are RIGHT about that you are wrong about. You can’t see it. It’s likely a belief that is driving what you EXPECT…driving what you ALLOW…driving what you will WORK for.

One of my favorite clients today is approaching the end of her coaching agreement. We accomplished her 6 month goals in less than 2 months.

Now she is shooting for the stars but out of money and running out of time.

Solution? I will coach her into her Purpose and then help her attract and land a better job aligned with that Purpose so she can afford to continue coaching.

(…if you have been skipping talking to me because of money this confirms your fears were unfounded – you need to ASK me and EXPECT there IS a way.)

Then she’ll also have my 15+ year divorce lawyer support to position her start and finish of the long avoided divorce, reduce her attorney’s fees (which will also totally pay for the coaching) AND GET WHERE SHE WANTS to be – a happy, well paid professional woman who attracts healthy relationships with children who are flourishing.​

If you want what SHE’S getting, you’ll have to raise your hand (and get in line, I only take so many private clients and I’m filling up). Don’t let yourself miss it by a mouse click…

P.S. On MY Friday I sat on my porch with no phone and watched my birds. I have tracked 22 different kinds at my feeders so far! Including multiple woodpeckers and a few unsuccessful squirrels. I feed 40 lbs (18.2 kg) a month! Do you have bird feeders?

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