How Colors Impact Your Mood?

How Colors Impact Your Mood?

Chromotherapy, or Color therapy, happens to be quite popular. This is a holistic healing method which is used by many alternative healthcare providers and can cause changes in emotions, moods and overall health. Colors have been proven to affect mood, perception and even cardiac rate. Color therapy is used by many healthcare providers as well as in hospitals in order to cure depression, anxiety and other mental issues with success. Surrounding yourself with beneficial colors can be very therapeutic and beneficial for you. Know about the following colors which can have a positive impact on your health in various ways.


This is an extremely relaxing color and can calm the senses. It is able to lower heart rate and blood pressure, and also relax the mind when used in warmer shades. It is important not to use darker shades of blue, which can make people sadder and have profound feelings of grief. Now you know why they call it “Monday Morning Blues”.


It is regarded as one of the most calming colors, which relaxes the senses. Naturally, it is popularly used to paint sitting rooms and kitchens. As this is a romantic color, it is able to increase libido.


Bold purple enhances feelings of self-worth and elegance, while lavender and light purple hues can calm the senses and are ideal to paint restrooms in. The color works great as wall paint in babies’ rooms.


It is regarded as a “happy” color, and can cheer up the mind. It is the color of sunshine and daffodils, and evokes positive emotions. Rooms that are painted in yellow color can evoke intensely joyous feelings. However, it can also be rattling for some, which explains why decorators often advise parents against painting their babies’ rooms in yellow color.


This is associated with energy, and is found to excite the mind and increase heart rate and blood pressure. It is used to paint dining rooms or living rooms, where people are supposed to meet and have an animated conversation. Painting bedroom walls in red or bright crimson hues can cause difficulties in sleeping.


This is another energetic color, which can stimulate the senses and excite the body. Naturally, it is perfect to use for painting the walls of gyms and exercise rooms, and not for bedrooms. When you are feeling low, you can dress up in orange clothing and find yourself feeling more energetic after sometime.

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