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[Gratitude] More Starts With ONE…


More Starts With ONE…

One. I grew ONE Sunflower.

I bought all these packs of seed and kind of randomly sprinkled.
I got a pot full of Zinnias – gorgeous, bold colored ladies.

I got some Morning Glories, which are UBER Alpha, they use the other slower growing plants as a trellis to climb! (I’ve discussed this with them at length, they are NOT backing down on this, they have seized control of their planter and seem to be plotting world domination starting with my porch!)

And ONE sunflower. I was standing outside admiring my little beauty when suddenly a bee flew up – right to my ONE sunflower. I stood back in awe as 2 more bees, one a bumble, flew in over next few minutes.

I had been thinking, she’s so beautiful and I’d focused on having more of her instead of just enjoying HER. But the bees set me straight. 

THEY were glad I’d grown her! The bees didn’t diminish her value because she was just one flower. Bees fly miles and miles (I’ve heard up to 16!). I shortened their work that day 🙂


Sometimes we don’t appreciate things without quantity. We forget all about quality and intentionality.

I am so proud that I grew my first Sunflower. I am crazily pleased that the ONE flower helped some local bees.

Weeks go by and I just yesterday I saw ONE butterfly come visit my Zinnias. 

I don’t have a fancy garden. I have a handful of flowers in pots that are beautiful to me. 

My small handful of flowers are a gift to my bees and apparently my ONE visiting butterfly.

Do not despise the day of small beginnings. Do not judge if your first or early results are small or singular. 

No great thing is born fully formed. Do I want you to have MORE? Yes. But please honor the single moments, the one accomplishment and great day that happens on the way…

If you have something that gives you joy or pleasure, don’t focus on how little you have of it. Focus on the fact that you DO have it. If you are aiming at a big goal, often it’s a great idea to aim first at a smaller piece.

Often the Universe is watching to see how you honor the humble and praise the single Sunflower you’ve grown, before it opens the floodgates of lavish supply.

This is true for ONE good day in an entire week, ONE good sales call, ONE great outfit that fits you perfectly. Practice your gratitude for the single points of goodness in your life so that they can expand into the MORE you desire.



Watch out for the habit of looking at your “ONE” in complaint or disrespect.

One sale can turn things around.

One job can save a family.

One coach can show you how to turn the corner to a life with less struggle.

Look for the singlegood things around you and praise them. 

Did you spot my ONE little lizard? He looks kind of like a Gecko. I had an adult hanging about earlier and my tiny little Universe of pots is now home to it’s little one. He was not much bigger than an inch when I first spotted him. Let me know if you think of a good name! He’s my Pest Control!


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