[Fun Friday] Why You SHOULDN’T Buy Any Groceries Next Week…

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Groceries Next Week…

Here is your Challenge for Fun Friday: Do not buy any new groceries for at least 1 week. (Milk, cheese, eggs are okay only because they are perishable).

I want to challenge you to — USE the food you have in your home already.  (I guarantee you that you have food at home for more than 1 week).

THEN figure out how much money you WOULD have spent on the groceries or eating out and BLOW THAT MONEY.

So, if you might spend $150 for a week, you’ll have $150 to do ANYTHING you want with, IF you start opening cans and getting creative and using the food YOU ALREADY HAVE (aka ‘gifts’ you have but don’t use).

When you succeed, I want you to do something TOTALLY out of the norm with the money. Splurge.

If you have kids, the way to get them on board is to cut them in on the prize money. If they know they’ll each get $25 if all the food is from inside the home – THEY WILL EAT what you serve and HELP create the menu.

So. Don’t go to the grocery store this week. Start dreaming what you will do the money. One thing I am going to get is one of those copper cook pans that they say you can cook eggs with no oil! We’ll see.

Possible shopping list: New fancy DVD player, new running shoes (trainers for our European friends), NEW PHONE, massage, dinner at the “too expensive” place, 2 luxury candles from that froofy store, Power Tools!! (I may get a circular saw), hi end pillows, flowers for the table or surprise cash to someone who helps you, just DREAM!  AND NO BILL PAYING.

Part of the fun of this is thinking of all the DIFFERENT things you can do with your unexpected extra loot!

Hit Reply and let me know what you are thinking of getting!

UPDATE: I GOT the copper pan for $10 and it got soo hot it melted one of my old spatulas (back when I still had 3!).  Returned it!  I JUST got my circular saw, blade, gloves and a tarp as a TREAT for me 🙂 I build things (people, businesses, furniture, confidence…).

P.S. If you REALLY want to play, dig out the cans at the back of the cupboard that you NEVER see (and keep “re-buying”) and set them on the counter so you finally — USE them before the metal of the can ruins the contents! Last In, First OUT!

And this is a great time to put together a bag of food for donation too! If you haven’t eaten it, someone else WILL. We all have enough to spare & share! 

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