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[FOCUS] Why Work Life Balance DOESN’T Exist…(and Shouldn’t)

Why Work Life Balance Doesn’t Exist…(and shouldn’t)

Work life balance isn’t a REAL thing.
Despite what 100 gurus will tell you as they attempt to sell you their work life balance programs and meditations.

Want to know why?

Because balance – as we commonly understand It – does NOT exist.

I looked up the definition of balance: To bring or keep in equilibrium. Or to hold something “steady”.
Everything in the universe is in flux. Everything in the universe is constantly changing. Nothing anywhere is made to “hold steady”.

Balance is NOT a place of no motion that you strive reach and are then DONE.

This expectation is the cause of a lot of unnecessary suffering. For instance, if you’ve been married a long time you know that the love in a marriage doesn’t hold steady. That is a myth!

It goes up and down over time. The couples that survive go with that flow and course correct when they need to. Couples that fail, freak out the minute it gets “unsteady” and start pushing buttons.

Our definition of balance is completely out of whack with the way our world actually works.

Balance is in motion, it is dynamic and fluid and requires constant ever-changing actions and reactions from you.
I recently gave client the image of juggling. Juggling is a lot better physical representation for your work life “balance “.

There’s a Work ball, Family ball, Money ball and your Purpose ball (if you are there yet). You pay attention to one ball at a time.

As you pay attention to that one ball, the other balls are dropping. Then you switch your focus to the next ball and lift it up and let the other balls drop.

In the beginning, balls WILL hit the floor – but as you get better at juggling, you keep them in the air longer and longer.

You grow relaxed while you are doing it and you don’t worry so much if one goes a little higher or one falls a little lower because your object is just to keep them in motion – that is the balance.

Want the truth the experts WON’T tell you? While any mega mogul is at home having fun with her children, things ARE going wrong in her company.

When she goes back to work her children MISS her.

When she’s taking care of her health putting in her time at the gym – she LOSES time with her friends and her mate wants her home.

But she does NOT focus on the balls that are going down – she focuses on the ball that she is LIFTING. She knows the other balls are going down and trusts herself to get back to them before anything hits the floor.

Juggling is Balance

The problem is when ONE ball wants your continual focus.

So the big dirty secret – is that there is no work life balance – there is just really good work life juggling.

Are you good at juggling the things in your life? Or do you find yourself running from one crisis to another, putting out fires?

You can actually change that. It’s entirely up to you. Most people are so used to dropping all the balls that they can’t even imagine a life where their money is flowing, the love is overflowing and their health is glowing.

What will THAT life look like for you? If you want it, let me know, so I can help.

P.S. Just like balls don’t juggle themselves – your life will not balance itself. It has to be done intentionally and it takes knowledge, discipline, practice and a little force. Let me know if you want me to speed this up for you.

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