[Confidence] 4 Steps to Making Tough Decisions (Stop Overthinking & Open This…)


I gave you heads up earlier – my first teaching webinar is next week and it’s FREE.


In my Block Movers training I was frustrated because I needed more time to teach you one HUGE skill that unblocks almost EVERYTHING – How to Make and Keep Good Decisions. 


If you can’t consistently make decisions quickly, have “what if’ regrets after you decide, overthink and struggle deciding on something new when it doesn’t feel 100% safe – I MADE this for you.

Get Off Your Brakes! Learn How to Make (& Keep) Good Decisions & Stop Sabotaging Your Success


You struggle with self-sabotage. You decide, you wiggle, you doubt, you worry, you google and then choose again.  You often put off deciding until it’s decided for you.


You just don’t always feel confident and it frustrates you, your friends and your family (this is a very bad pattern for children to learn).


When a great opportunity comes, you can’t grab it right away – so you’ve missed a few awesome chances you still wonder about.


I discovered there are only 4 Steps to Making a Decision.


I will teach you the 4 Steps and more importantly – the BLOCKS to those 4 Steps that are keeping you from feeling secure when you decide something.


  • Learn Why You Can’t Make (& Keep) Good Decisions Consistently
  • What it COSTS you to be indecisive (it is WAY more than you know!)
  • Where to Begin when You Don’t Know HOW to Make a Hard Decision
  • Why You Feel Insecure, Confused or Overwhelmed when Deciding…and How to STOP


I am excited to give this to you.


Don’t you KNOW what you need to do but can’t take action? Overthink everything??


Here’s the fun part. I need you to do RIGHT now what is so hard for you to do. Decide to come & let me teach you next week. Decide. Decide it now and fight yourself to stick with it later if you have to! (I’ll shoot you reminders too.)


You will finish the training knowing why you’ve struggled so long and how to stop that struggle. You will be able to begin following your plans, acting on advice and doing some things you already know to do. Not kidding…


Worth it?  It’s a no brainer. Join me.


Teach Me to Make Decisions & Feel More Confident About Them


I will do open Q & A at the end so you can ask me YOUR question. I’ll answer it on the spot. That’s money in your pocket.


So excited to bring this to you. Feeling so full of energy and clarity. I want to share!


In Joy,




P.S. Join me as I teach you How to Make Decisions without All Your Regrets and Doubts – Feel Secure & Confident so you can create more of what you want.


P.P.S.  You don’t need to have watched or finished Block Movers for this training, but if you can – do it!


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