[Discovery] Wondering if you are an “Alpha”? – There Are Different Kinds!

Wondering if you are an “Alpha”? – There Are Different Kinds!

The Universe is always helping and directing. My private coach this week told me some Alphas reading this don’t think they ARE Alphas because they are different from me.

Then my buddy Anne from the UK wrote:

I’m not at all sure I’m an ‘alpha’ but you sure do talk some sense – it took me a while to realise that looking at the map and planning the route wasn’t going to get me anywhere if the vehicle (me) wasn’t in shape!  The first journey is internal.  I’m in there still, but thanks to people like you I have a torch (flashlight)!

Well Fudge. I can do better!

God had to remind me (twice in 2 days!) that I’m inviting Alphas into Alpha Group Coaching and some of you aren’t even sure if you ARE Alphas. My bad.

I am working on a book, a handbook for Alphas. Not done! But this should help you:

Myths of Alphas:

All highly extroverted. Nope, though many tend to be social.

All degreed/educated. Nope. We are all smart though. That’s consistent.

All running businesses. Nope. I have corp Alphas and one Alpha Mom (she’s a badass home schooler). Writers and people beginning businesses. Just met a pilot!

All are ball-busters/Happy to Push. Nope. I have identified a type of Alpha I call a “Soft Alpha”. They do not do 24/7 ball busting. In fact they are resistant to or annoyed when they feel they HAVE to do it.

Soft Alpha (noun) Definition: An Alpha who does not immediately lead with her strength. She treats it like a loaded gun and can be wary of drawing it in a fight. Often more relationship focused and concerned about causing division.

On a spectrum from average women to Super Alpha – I’m toward the far right. And trust me, there are PLENTY past me! I need to be kind of far over, because I lead Alphas and must be stronger than all those I lead to merit trust in the beginning.

Soft Alphas are more in the middle. People do not look at these women and immediately call them badassess. You may look in the mirror and think, Me? I’m not a badass. Not all the time anyway.

Soft Alphas can withstand pressure other women cannot. They hold. They are my gentler sisters but have core of steel in them that comes forth in times of need!

Know this, Soft Alphas belong with us. In your moments of strength that surprise you and frighten those around you – you are Alpha and welcome here.

The best analogy I have for you is from my own race. I’m black. Black folks are black and mixed folks are generally considered to be “black” by black folks. The majority of mixed folks identify as “black” more than white.

That is a Soft Alpha. Any Alpha, is Alpha.

You are mixed and belong with Alphas who see you as beautiful and one of their own. Your moments of strength & fierceness are welcome here. You moments of fuzzy or soft are protected  here (we are very protective group of fixers!).  Welcome Gorgeous Little Sisters!

Are you a Soft Alpha? I’d love to talk to you because, frankly, I’m learning MORE about you. Alphas, I got you. Soft Alphas, I want to learn how to include you better. To make it safer for you, you need initial safety more than Alphas do.

If you are a Soft Alpha, think you are or know one. Please hit reply and connect with me- let me pick your brain a little bit!  Will you help me? I’ll not leave these women behind.

All Alphas, in whatever degree, are under my protection and deserve to stop struggling. This is my life’s work and I’m excited to serve ALL of my women. 🙂

P.S. Alphas are Eagles. Soft Alphas can be small eagles & hawks. But you know what? They are NOT chickens. I am calling you OUT of that chicken yard you are hiding in Soft Alpha! Chickens use you for protection but you not one of them. Come Join your Big Sisters. We’ve got you…



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