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Why Affirmations Work?

Why Affirmations Work?

Do positive affirmations work? The population is divided regarding this question. While affirmations work for some people, they hardly yield any results for others. The way that affirmations work is repeating a positive statement, usually something that one wants to come true, over and over again in order to actualize it. For instance, repeating the sentence “I am getting better each and every day” will help one to believe it and draw power from it. These affirmations work in a subtle manner, which is unfathomable to most people.

These provide strength

These affirmations actually provide the mind with strength. Many studies have revealed that the subconscious mind guides the majority of our actions, behavior and destiny of an individual. For example, the subconscious fear of the dark actually makes many humans fear low-lit places – even when there are no dangers present in those spots. Similarly, training the mind to think positive thoughts can have an impact on the psyche and boost self-confidence immensely.

These remove frustrations

Imperfections are part of every human being, and very few people are happy about themselves and the state that they are in. Some consider themselves too short, too tall, too thin or too fat to be attractive just as others feel that their wealth, social skills and personality are not enough to make them appealing to others. Positive affirmations can remove frustrations for the time being and teach people to accept their flaws and embrace them. By removing frustrations, they can actually find ways to change themselves positively and address those imperfections.

These guide you

When you utter things like “I am getting thinner with each week” or “I will be more calm and composed in the days to come” you actually remind yourself about your wishes. As an intelligent and responsible person, you know that none but you can make a positive change in yourself – and you need to work on that end. Repeating it and hearing it, you are more likely to actually hit the gym or remember to meditate or drink more water.

These give you a sense of purpose

In any situation, your outcome can be either good or bad. When you are making a positive affirmation, you understand that the outcome often rests on your abilities and dedication to change. You get the motivation and sense of purpose that is the first step to making any real change in yourself. Affirmations guide you and prevent you from forgetting your personal goals and objectives.

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