[Trust] Are You Married to Your Story?

[Trust] Are You Married to Your Story?

It very late and God sent me to help a Canadian man that is in the middle of a Job-like biblical crisis. My head said, reschedule because after helping someone else, the call started at almost 10:30 pm.

But I could feel it. That calm certainty that I could change this man’s life in one call. God sent him, so I served. I hung in there and I’m so glad I did.

Yes, it’s late – crazily late right now but I showed him what caused him to fall from earning  6 figures to potential eviction on the 16th of this month.
The lessons I taught him may be valuable to an Alpha out there – so here they are:

1. If something STOPS working, stop using it.

He had tales of all of the complex affirmations and prayers he does every morning, left over from his steak and gravy days. THEY AREN’T WORKING and have been failing for 5 years but he wouldn’t let them go.

I don’t care WHOSE affirmation/process it is, be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.

You are no longer that amazing thing you did in the past, be in truth of where you are.

He was wrapped into the story of his degrees and accomplishments and last prize possession, the Mercedes, and how he can’t believe he’s submitted 140 resumes with no job.

If you are married to your story you are a victim.
The Universe will teach you to leave that story behind like it’s a heavy rock one way or the other. The story is PRIDE or EXC– USE, either way, it’s blocking you from facing the truth right now.

How do you know if you are in victim energy?
If no matter howsomeone tries to help you, you interrupt them to tell them you are RIGHT & their plan will never work because of …..insert story…

There is no perfect formula for getting help from God.
If you are in distress, ask for help generally and being willing to let God do it God’s way (i.e. humility and no control).

When you are in trouble, you ask GENERALLY not SPECIFICALLY.

General is – I’m almost homeless and I need a home and to care for my elderly mom somehow. Specific is – I need this Mercedes that it took me 15 years to save for to help drive my Mom because they are so mechanically sound and another other car will break down.  See it?

Alpha, don’t tell God HOW to help you. He’s got it. I promise.

If your life is off course Alpha, stop telling the story that you are telling. Tell a new one.

P.S. I had to beat the crap out of this awesome guy to get him off that story. Now, he’s shifted and grateful. He’s writing a new story. Finally things can change for him. I ask that you send a prayer for his living situation to be as God wills it. 



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