They Work – Just NOT These 5…

[Expectation] They Work – Just NOT These 5…

Here’s a short list of expectations that go against Universal Laws and will get you into trouble:

1. Expecting something for nothing.

2. Expecting other people to change to make you happy.

3. Expecting your conditions to change when your effort has not.

4. Expecting change to be comfortable, easy, free or convenient.

5. Expecting life to be fair.

1. Expecting something for nothing

Do you expect something for nothing? Many people will follow good leaders and teachers and then get annoyed if they ever go to “sell” something. Always being triggered when somebody asks for money FOR SOMETHING OF VALUE is about you not them.

If you think spiritual people should not have, ask for and receive money (and lots of it!) you just spotted a problem with your money associations that I guarantee are crippling your abundance.
I’m a teacher and I teach. In the Bible, Galatians 6:6, it says take care of your teachers. I coached a close friend for years but her abundance began ONLY after I manned up and told her the truth – that she really needed to give me value for the value I was giving her or find a coach to give value to.

It was a hard conversation but because I KNOW the law, I knew that I was doing her a disservice and I was REINFORCING her lack by accepting nothing for lessons of great value.

Now? She is freaking abundant and no longer needs to pay me. Giving value let her finally RECEIVE & apply our lessons.
(I’m not saying following the Laws is always comfortable but it always works.)
I’ve coached businesses for years and I often see companies attempting to set up deals whereby they make it impossible for the other side to get a good value.

This. Will. Always. Fail

2. Expecting other people to change to make you happy.

You want to know how you can be CERTAIN it won’t happen?

Because look at how hard it is for YOU to get YOU to change! You have all the motivation the world to change and mostly can’t do it.

So how could you make SOMEONE ELSE do what you cannot do?

(For higher-level students the spiritual impact here is doubled – what you are NOT willing to do can never be seen or required from those around you – the Law is “Like to Like”).

3. Expecting your conditions to change when your effort has not.

You get out what you put in. Put in very little and the change won’t happen or won’t stay.​

4. Expecting change to comfortable, easy, free, convenient

Check out my Post “God is Inconvenient”

5. Expecting life to be fair.

​I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but life IS NOT FAIR – it is RIGGED. The game is fixed. It is set up entirely in your favor if you follow the laws! You want an edge in a game, you first learn the rules.

If you don’t know the rules (Step One) and apply them on a pretty daily basis (Step Two) and know how to course correct when something goes sideways. And the step three is to ask for my help.

I started writing the promised. “What if My Life Isn’t Working Right Now? What Do I Do? and it got DETAILED (i.e. long!).

****I will give you guidance on the following expectations:

Can I expect someone to love me?

Can I expect someone to pay me what they owe me?

Can I expect obedience?

Can I expect forgiveness?

What can I expect from a spouse or mate?

So I will expand on all of those questions on Wednesday so this post isn’t book length! Stay tuned!

P.S. Keep writing to me! When I hear from you it makes my whole DAY. I do this to serve and help you. When I create a breakthrough for you. Please share it with me!

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