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[Skill] Is “Flexible” A Curse Word to You?

Is “Flexible” A Curse Word to You?

You could’ve fooled me!

Alphas don’t like flexible because we equate it with:
  • Being Out of Control
  • Being Off Course
  • Trusting Other People to ______ (anything!)
  • Not Knowing

What’s Happening/What’s Next

Ok. I can see that. But here’s the HAPPY side of flexible:
  • Lowers Stress from Rigid Expectations
  • Agile Alphas Adapt to New Opportunities Quickly (Triple AAA! I’m keeping that!)
  • Things that BEND don’t BREAK
  • Open to the Universe Being in Control

Can you see where inserting more flexibility into your life and business serve you BETTER?

Innovation and flexibility are best friends too. And, nothing impresses customers more
that a businesswoman who knows WHEN to be flexible and when to hold the damn line.

Incidentally, our
 Soft Alphas little sisters are often TOO FLEXIBLE. Too flexible = Afraid of losing approval/love.

I want you to put some flexibility in your life – try these:

The next time something goes “wrong” gamify it
 (yes, that’s a real word). Assume that a higher power, who knows just a touch more than you, did whatever THAT was in order to HELP YOU. Then determine your next course with the idea that you are being HELPED rather than THWARTED.

Offer someone you love a CHOICE where you would normally just TELL them what to do.
 Alphas LOVE to direct! Give someone you care about an option on something: dinner, a trip, sex, a purchase…something. Note: If you never do this, they may react with surprise or suspicion. Ignore it!

Ask for what you want and be “flexible” about what arrives.
These little exercises will feel funny, that’s good. That’s you flexing your underused “flexibility” muscles! The amazing things that come into over lives are usually UNPLANNED and require flexibility. So practice now!

I’m down in Dallas with my Dad and Stepmom. They just moved and I am the one woman, the design on a dime decorating crew! Having a blast getting dirty, shopping, hammering and upcycling! I flew with a full comforter set for the guest room, my hot glue gun & antique burlap!

I will be FLEXIBLE this week so that my trip feels good 🙂 Flexible with family = Love!

I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.

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