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[Self-Love] Food is Love…

Food is Love


I texted my coach a photo of a tray of pork sausage fresh from the oven with the word “Happiness”. She replied food is love. 

When I woke up this morning I realized a deeper meaning to that.

Food is one of the easiest measures of your own self love. 

Every since I put safeguards in place to protect my KITCHEN, my own self-love is even better, because I’m COOKING. 
What does it take to cook each meal? (7 Ingredients of Self-Love)
  1. Planning 
  2. Making time
  3. Paying attention
  4. Investing in the ingredients
  5. Maintaining your space
  6. Timely prep work
  7. Cleaning up any messes

How am I eating these meals?
Not while working
Not while distracted
Mindfully and fully present

Add all those together and you have how you care for your greatest love-you!

To begin to improve your self love, start with your food.
 I recommend a drastic, jumpstart (cold turkey 3-7 days) at the beginning to break the sugar, carb and processed food convenience addictions. 

Do you even notice hunger evolving or are you so busy with the rest of your life that you don’t realize you’re hungry until you’re starving? Hint: That’s the same way you treat those that you love – you don’t realize there’s a problem until it’s broken because you’re not paying enough attention.

When your meals don’t come from a package, you have to pay attention to when you begin to get hungry because that’s when you need to beginto preparing your food. 
 Take a look at how you’ve fed yourself this past month. Do you consistently have the 7 ingredients of Self-Love?

If you are ready to cook up a better life and need a Sous Chef, let me know!

​P.S I’ve been cooking up a storm as they say and I feel fantastic and very loved…by me (and several of you!) Even lost weight! And I left off the photo of my killer Sweet Potato Brownies!! Still delicious even after they were frozen 3 weeks! 


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