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[Self-Love] Are You Celebrating Your “Starts”?

[Self-Love] Are You Celebrating Your “Starts”?

We have a habit of only celebrating once we get to the “end” of something.
We celebrate the graduations from school. We celebrate retirement. We celebrate the wedding, the end of the courtship.

We celebrate the new house and the new car.

But these events are fleeting.  Most brides will tell you that in hindsight they don’t remember most of their wedding day and are puzzled as to why they spent $15,000 for that…

Where you REALLY want to start adding in celebrations is celebrating your BEGINNINGS!

I just began the
Alpha Women Success Academy online. It launched and went live yesterday 🙂

Old me would’ve woken up thinking about the 32 things that I NEEDED to be doing today and the book that’s due to the publisher shortly…(okay, 3 days from now.) 

I made myself lay in bed for a few extra minutes and enjoy that I had CREATED what I had IMAGINED. It’s real and live and serving Alphas for free.

I was celebrating the beginning!  The Academy is a 10 day event, so it’s really easy to think, ‘I’ll have that chocolate and hot bubble bath on the night of the 10th day.’ 

That’s not self-loving. You are punishing yourself for not being “done yet.” It is MORE important that you boost your spirits and energy for the journey rather than the destination. 

I want you to look around and see whatever you’ve just started. And… Celebrate!

Did you just start a book? Did you just start a job search? Did you just start your weight loss & life changes? New relationship? Celebrate now. Do not make your happiness contingent upon future outcomes that you cannot totally control. 

You’ve begun. You’re in motion. That is worth at least a small piece of chocolate!

My celebration will be the new sheet set that I bought and I’ve been saving. New sheets go on the bed tonight for Day 1!

Pull your attention away from the “more that you still have to do”. Look back at what you’ve accomplished to be where you are right now. It’s pretty freaking amazing!

Go Celebrate Alpha!

If you’re not in the Academy yet, get in there!  And it is really a creation of love that I want to share with you.


​​​​I Show Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.

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