[Relationships] The Power of Vulnerability – Weakness Gives Information #3

You’ll WANT Your Weakness After Reading This

Vulnerability has become popular. A buzz word. Ignore the hype. It is vital. If you are never “weak”, you will never receive information about the true state of your life.

Alphas tell me over and over, they want to feel supported and they don’t feel supported. How could you ever know how supported you are, when you make it your primary focus to look like you DON’T NEED support!

You approach seeking support the way many approach going to the dentist – only as a necessary evil.

In your weakness, are truths you do not want to know about you and others you love, hence you maintain the façade of Superwoman. She who is strong. She who shows no weakness. Needs no help.

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Weakness: A Tool You Aren’t Using Properly

Did you ever notice a common theme in romance novels where the heroine is an Alpha? She literally has to be BEATEN into submission in order to receive help from the Alpha male lead? Her whole world has to collapse and fall apart (on the run, life in danger, villainized…) before it is possible for her to finally express some weakness. And it is only after she falls apart and expresses this weakness, that help can come in.

This crap is annoying but fairly true! It’s a deep embodiment of our Alpha rescuing archetype. What can it teach you? If you don’t LOOK like you need help, you don’t GET help. Read that again. If we can’t see you weak, you don’t look like you need help and WE WON’T HELP YOU.

If you make a habit of never needing help, the people around you can only come from one of two groups. Group 1: Folks aren’t comfortable helping OR Group 2: Folks who are UNABLE to help. (Been there. Done that. Should sell some t-shirts.)

Weakness therefore is literally a diagnostic tool for your life! Vulnerability is simply you telling the truth about your weakness. Can you tell the truth about your weakness?

The Strength we have prized, is actually a disguise for our “resistance” to change.

Shocking Truth About Our Strength

As my life is taking new turns and directions, God has sent me a new Master Teacher. His name is Dhyan Vimal. (Ask yourself if you could call someone Master? I wouldn’t have been able to 4 years ago.) As a student, I am ready. He appeared.

I just learned from him a concept about strength I am called to share with you immediately.

Teacher explained we view strength as the ability to not change, no matter what happens to you. You hold “strong.” Not bad. People look at you and they think “Wow, all these terrible, difficult things happened to her and she’s still standing. She is so strong!”

He teaches that real strength is the ability to recognize adverse circumstances around you as requests from your inner-self to change, so you grow.  Not a request to subdue the outer world to make IT better but rather to subdue the ego in your inner world and make YOU better. Strength is when life demands YOU uplevel and you freakin’ go.

That means our definition of strength, which is more about resisting our circumstances than allowing, is actually a definition of weakness! 

Did you get that? What we have previously defined as strength would more accurately be described as rigidity. What he defines as strength is adaptability to the demands of truth. (I’m so pleased as how clearly Source just helped me explain that, I will share this post with my Master so he can see truth spreading through new channels.)

Weakness is NOT the moment where we don’t know what to do. It’s the moment we’re afraid to let go of the “strength” that we think protects us and move forward according to what we can truly see. 

You need to experience your weakness and share that weakness and adapt to the truths your weakness is showing you.  Truth is provoking you to change and THAT is why we don’t like it! 

Resisting that change is the cause of all of your suffering. It does not come from the idiots. It does not come from the government. It does not come from anything other than your resistance.

Another Master Teacher that I love is Esther Hicks, and she states the truth like this, (my paraphrase) “Life has asked you to grow and when you won’t go – you feel pain. You asked for more and life becomes more and you refuse to become what you’ve asked for, so you feel pain.” 

Weakness is a byproduct of the continual struggle to change the outer by forcing the outer, rather than growing your inner.

Don’t be that woman. Grow, change and stop holding your strength like it’s the Holy Grail. Stop fighting with what is and pretending you are okay. 

Weakness is an Awesome Messenger & Tool.

Owning that Weakness is Vulnerability.

Can You Own Your Weakness To Get Help & End Your Struggle?  

In Joy,

Tanya Stewart (Signature)

P.S. My love is my soulmate. He surfaces stuff buried so deep in me, I don’t recognize it when I first see it! And you have to be mindful you don’t shoot your messengers. 🙂 Handling deep truths, you buried for safety decades ago, puts you in a very vulnerable place that we often attack from. If you come from a place of rigidity, you’ll resist change, miss the lesson, lose the opportunity and stay stuck in your old pattern. Now I’m coming from “this is how I unlock the ‘more’ in me” to end struggle patterns below my surface.   Strong people keep recognizing Problems aren’t Obstacles to Be Solved, but instead are calls for inner change and they open up to shift.  

Tanya Stewart is “The Alpha Woman Coach” and began coaching strong women as a Divorce lawyer in her own high conflict law firm 20 years ago. She understands how Alpha women are wired and using her Master’s level Metaphysics background and Advanced Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy, she brings rapid change to people she works with. She is a speaker, published author and Mensa member whose coaching is recommended by the World-Famous Motivator, Les Brown, Best-Selling Love Coach Greg Baer and International Change Expert, Dr. Eldon Taylor. She can teach you to separate struggle from success. ALL My videos are always on my Vimeo channel HERE Find Even More on the Resources page of the website: www.FearlessFocusCoaching.com/Resources

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