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[Manifesting] How I Manifested (1) Man & (4) Eggplants This Week

How I Manifested (1) Man & (4) Eggplants This Week

You loved the last post. Lots of awesome emails to me. Here’s Part II on the highly unplanned but greatly anticipated “Dating and Eggplant” Theme of 2016.

We will need a little bit of backstory, so just stay with me.

Adventures in Dating
About a month ago out of the blue I got a reply on a dating website from the most marvelous guy EVER. He was a happy, spiritual, business owning, fun entrepreneur. Even had three kids so I could be a mom. Our profiles look like one person wrote them and cut them in half. He was good-looking and had those melt you blue eyes (there is another term for those kind of blue eyes that involves an expletive, but I am trying to do better on that!). Can you feel the emotional quicksand yet? I was thrilled. His first email to me was soo good, it should be taught to men online over the course of an entire semester. (Read on for a chance to see it…)

I wrote back – I said YES I am interested. And then I waited… And waited… Worried for a moment, stopped that and waited some more.

Mr. Coolest Dating Profile EVER had disappeared. 

The very day I was teaching my Self-Love call in January, I realized that he had poofed. This is so common in the age of online dating that there is even an official term for it – ghosting. They are there and then they just fade away. Here is where I might begin to differ from you – when I finally let myself believe that he had disappeared which of the following questions did I ask myself?

  1. What the hell is the matter with him?
  2. What the hell did I do?
  3. What the hell is the matter with men online these days?

#2 And let me clarify. One way to read that question is – Since I am not enough, how did I fail? That is NOT the way. The correct reading is – Since I am enough, I must have caused/attracted this – what is this problem trying to tell me that I’m missing?  Where is there a gap in my self-love that caused this? THAT question – is the only question that you need and it is the question that will change your life. Because that question takes 100% responsibility for anything that’s going on in your world.
Years ago a guy disappearing on me meant he was an ass. There appeared to be no small shortage of asses on the planet, so this conclusion seems logically sound. Whenever I’d share a story like this with girlfriends they would back it up –  Yep, sounds like he was an ass.

But I know now that his poofing was MORE about an issue with my self-love and I was seriously (read super FREAKING seriously) motivated to figure out what had separated me from Mr. Coolest Profile Ever.

I used a logic tool that I had just modified for my self-love teaching to help me spot the gaps in my self-love. I found not one, not two, but EIGHT different gaps relating to receiving my future mate! Holy F Batman! These were beliefs and ideas that would block him from finding me or pursuing me or in this case make him disappear. 

I realize that the Universe sent Mr. Coolest Profile EVER not so I could date and marry Mr. Coolest Profile EVER (dang it) but so that I could be alerted to blocks I had that were keeping me from receiving my true love. Remember, if you listened to my self-love call, problems are not obstacles to be solved – they are merely directionals pointing out the gaps in your self-love. 

I took an event that most women would have blamed on the guy and I used it to find the weakness in me and fix it. (If enough of you ask me, I’ll talk to you about what those 8 blocks were and how I released them next week.)

Cool Lesson and Now for the MANIFESTATION…

While I’m telling my friends about this guy and saying that he is disappeared I kept telling ONE joke. I’d say maybe he’s gone off to Saudi Arabia to drill oil. He’s probably just super busy in Saudi Arabia drilling oil. Oil drilling in Saudi is busy work, that’s why he didn’t reply. He’ll contact me as soon as he can.

For me this was an awesome joke alternative to Mr. Coolest Profile EVER just completely ditching me.

I’ve been telling it and laughing about it for 3 weeks whenever I wonder what happened to that guy.

The Punchline Arrives & The Universe Delivers

You have doubtless heard that the universe does not have a sense of humor. What that means is it processes what we think and feel and say pretty much as is.

Which is precisely why three days ago, I got a text from a guy I went out with a few times 16 years ago to tell me that he had just moved to Saudi Arabia and was working there for a drilling company. Oh.  AND he’s still interested! (He likes to check on me every few years to see if I’ve changed mind yet!)

THAT is manifesting.

It manifested easily because the idea of a guy in Saudi Arabia drilling for oil interested in me was powered by laughter and joy and humor. Those are high, pure divine energies. And of course I was not resisting my desire because I wasn’t even thinking about it!

My Jokes Deliver Eggplant

Anybody who read last week’s post involving eggplants will get. Read Last Week’s Doritos, Eggplant and Heartache Post Here.

Of course I got 3 emails from ardent eggplant lovers. That’s seemed normal. But in the grocery store 2 days ago I checked the produce clearance bin to find… Drumroll please…

About 30 eggplants on clearance! I bought 4 eggplants for $.99!  You can’t even buy a PACK OF GUM for .99 anymore! I didn’t even know what I was going to DO WITH THEM, having never cooked them before. But, when the Universe speaks to you like that – you buy the damn eggplant.

The Universe wasn’t done. It lead me read a Twitter post about all of the benefits of eggplant. Which lead me to research and discover that eggplant is super badass at making something called eggplant miracle water which helps you lose weight easily!

THAT is manifesting.

Again notice that the topic was humorous to me and full of life and energy and happiness. Again notice I held no strong mental resistance to eggplants (jury is still out, I’ll let you know what they taste like – I’m going to roast one with garlic in it and make the “Miracle Water”).

Tell me about your manifestations that have come from you joking around. Did it delight or scare you?

Here is the email from Mr.Coolest Profile Ever – wouldn’t missing out on THIS motivate you to clear some blocks??:


Just love the authenticity, clarity and warmth of your profile.

Looks like we have a LOT in common (ACIM, both entrepreneurs, both successful, both water signs, both wanting a remarkable relationship : )

If you agree, send me an email and we’ll chat sometime. I’m a possibility thinker with a powerful faith that God coordinates the highest good for all… so distance is no problem for me.

Talk soon,


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