[Fun] Perspective -> Life Lessons from My Chickens #2

We Lost A Chicken Already 🙁

Lesson #2:

Perspective: Prison or Protection? 

Depending on where you are in your evolution (and the food chain) what you perceive to be a prison, may ACTUALLY be your protection!

We Have a Fox!

At least one of our chickens must’ve decided that there was something very interesting worth sticking their head out of their pen for.

They thought of their coop as a prison keeping them from whatever was soooo sexy 3 inches on the other side of the chain-link fence…

What was on the other side of the chain-link fence was….a fox.

That pen is not a prison it’s a protection. 

So often, the Universe is PROTECTING YOU from something you cannot SEE. And like the chicken we lost (we have 5 now) you feel constrained and desperate to prove the grass is greener where you are NOT allowed to go.

Develop your intuition to ask if you are are generally being called to move past a boundary or if you are fighting the blessings that are protecting you. 

Here’s a Thought:


In Joy,

P.S. I felt soo awful to have lost a chicken soo soon! My awesome husband handed the bird’s body. She was headless, from sticking her head of the the pen. I gave the remaining girls a good talking too!

Happily, there are 2 Alpha Chickens and I told them to take better care of the group moving forward. (I threatened to eat them but that was a bluff, NO way I could murder one of the girls!) 

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