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[Fun for Summer] What the Heck Happened to FUN?!

If I asked you to do something right now just because “it’ll be fun” – admit it – it’s not really enough motivation. Not a “good enough” reason. That is seriously screwed up.

I’ve suddenly been asked for help by 2 different people this week who aren’t having any fun in their lives. Or like you, clearly not enough fun.  I asked the heart of one man (yep, seriously… though it took a while to get the answer past his brain) what his heart most wanted for him right now – it was “fun”.

His mind didn’t think that was a “fancy” enough goal and kept trying to make it more COMPLICATED.

Hint: you  really don’t need more COMPLICATED.

In our super awesome flash manifesting coaching call from Sunday (yep, it was that good – Candice from Trinidad said so! Hi!) a man was wondering where the passion and the juice in his life had gone (a.k.a. Fun).

You are not having enough fun.
My darling little worker bee – you need more FUN.

I admit I was slow to the teach this because – well… I AM busy having fun. I totally missed your need for this. Heck, I literally threw a coaching call with no notice for… Fun!

Play and Creativity and Good Sexual Energy and Money are ALL wound together energetically. When you are missing one of those, it starts killing the others.

You know me by now – problem solver. I was writing in my gratitude journal on Monday and in mid-sentence two words popped in my head “Summer Camp”.

Do you remember summer as a child? It was fun. You lived for it, you waited for it, you counted calendar days until it GOT here.

When was the last time you were that EXCITED about something COMING?

As adults, we don’t have that anymore. No summertime fun. No summer camp. I NEVER GOT TO GO TO SUMMER CAMP  (Thanks Mom!!) Well… Not till now.

God popped into my head the idea of teaching a Summer Camp for you and I’m doing it!

I’m only taking 12 people for our Camp, so I wouldn’t hesitate and over analyze. Just hit reply and say “MORE” and I’ll tell you more.

But the basics are: Your camp is six weeks long, held on Sundays at 4 -5 PM EST. (That’ll let my European friends attend without it being oh-dark-30 in the morning).

At the end of six weeks you’ll have completed three projects – fun physical one, a spiritual one and one for your health. And I’ll be coaching the group along the way with whatever you are struggling with.

I am doing this for FUN and as my birthday gift to me! My birthday is July 6 and since I love what I do (coaching you IS fun for me. You can feel it in my energy when I coach) I’m giving myself the Summer Camp as MY gift. I love to teach you!

Feel it? That’s ANTICIPATION. Hit reply and type “MORE” right now and let’s get the hot dogs ready. YOU are going to camp! You KNOW you want to! Tell your KIDS, tell your co-workers. I’m going to Summer Camp! We will have FUN while we coach and create. I am thinking of awards for our projects too!

P.S. You want more fun. You want my coaching. You WANT to go to SUMMER CAMP. You can afford it and even more, you just feel in your gut that you WANT it. Hit reply, type “MORE” and I’ll tell you more…

P.P.S. Oh and Summer Camp has Money Back Guarantee! Participate and you’ll be glad you invested in yourself or you get your money back.

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