[Focus] How Can Fasting Make You Money?

How Can Fasting Make You Money?


Not eating can increase your income.  Yep. And not just by saving on your grocery budget!

In this week’s training on Rejection, I taught you why the super successful people you want to emulate have less rejection – they manage their thoughts better than you.

Fasting is the choice to eat nothing, little or liquid during a time when you would normally eat and have food available.

Fasting is a CHOICE to not do what you could do.



Developing the focus to NOT do what you CAN do (restraint), simultaneously develops the confidence TO DO what it looks like you CANNOT.

Fasting exercises your control of your mind. We all perfectly aware that not eating for a day (or even 3) won’t kill us. In fact it can be biologically healthy and is more aligned with how humans were designed.

Back in the caves, food was not available at 8 am, noon, 6 pm and 9:30 for your snack.

So the TANTRUMS your mind is going to throw have nothing to do with your survival and everything to do with your COMFORT.

Newsflash: If you want something different in your life, you will need to become uncomfortable (i.e., change) to get it!

Fasting tests your ability to say No repeatedly to your temporary good and your ego’s demands, so you can achieve a greater, long term good.

Often fasting is associated with or motivated by a spiritual focus. That works. Then you are telling your spoiled, comfort seeking mind, “No, because I said so” and because are dedicating this effort to greater connection with Source.

Never done it? Try it (and no, I’m not your doctor & don’t know your medical history).

My most common fast is to fast all day, drinking lots of water and herbal tea, sometimes powdered greens (ask me who I use, they are pricey but delicious!) and then have steak and tomato for dinner.

That is the plan today. It’s BOOK DAY! I’m working on my new book, as yet untitled, The Guide for Alphas – ALL day with my best friend, while she works on her book 😉 I’ll break my fast with our favorite steak dinner!


Practice saying HELL NO to your mind. It is good for you & necessary for your dreams.


P.S. P.S. Practicing restraint builds self-confidence and your ability to tell your mind NO, we are going to do things MY way.



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