[Finishing] Waste Not Want Not :-)

Use What You Have


As an Alpha, we are more prone to “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” on things. If we aren’t looking at it, we tend to forget it’s there. If neglecting spinach until it liquefies was a sin, I’d be in deep trouble!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Using up what you have is not only common sense and saves you money and time but it supports a spiritual law, evolutionary growth AND the good pattern you want to build.





Finishing Supports Stewardship


We are called to be excellent stewards of all that we are given. The gratitude with which we go through our lives directly impacts what we receive more and LESS of. When you are wasteful and neglect the nice things you DO HAVE, you can bet there is going to be a wait to get your upgrade!


Finishing Follows Evolution


All creatures evolve to a higher level only AFTER they have completely maxed out and used up all that was available on the level of evolution they were on.  In other words, the first fish that made it to land was a pretty badass fish! This was NOT the lazy fish or the “get around to it” fish. It was an overachieving flying fish.  You must stretch and use ALL that is currently available to you, to get “promoted”.


Finishing Builds A Transferable Habit


Finishing is a pattern. A habit that transfers to other areas of your life. To get into the habit of finishing you can (and should) begin FINISHING anything you can get your hands on! Finish the toothpaste tube, the shower gel, your dinner, your workout, your book, your assignment from your coach (LADIES!)…even the story you started to tell your best friend. 


Notice where you tend to stop, probably about ¾ of the way? That’s your old pattern. Break it. Click here to See Training on Breaking Patterns


That is a LOT of bang for the buck from using what you already have or have already started. 


Set yourself up for success by periodically looking around to find all the “things” that are almost done and purposefully putting them where you see them as a priority for finishing. 


I put lotions, conditioners, incense and perfumes in a special “I want to finish this” spot that I make myself go to first. Use it up! Use extra. Feel abundant. There is a feeling of decadence that comes from reaching for the “almost empty” and feeling rich instead of frugal. I use MORE when it’s close to finished.


Do this with your “almost” finished projects too!





P.S. Another form of finishing is permitting yourself to throw away what you know you will not finish or would have to “force” yourself to finish. You can throw it away without regret if you begin finishing what CAN be finished.


You can also box it up and give it away (what I just did with extra lotions, colognes, soaps and scrubs from my bathroom’s deep cleaning.)​​​​​​​




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