[Clarity] Truth Hangovers: #2 Doubting Delivery

Who Let Doubt In? 

We are discussing how telling the truth (when it is one of those deep, hairy, hidden ones) is NOT on your Ego’s list of things to do! And how it very predictably seeks to stop you or punish you if you forge ahead.

Last week we saw Stage One – Ego Attacks You. 

Stage Two – Doubting the Delivery is all about getting you to beat yourself up over HOW you told that deep truth. 

Stage Two – Doubting Delivery

The, “I didn’t do it perfect” game begins.  Ego shows you ALL of the better ways you could’ve said that or approached it and seven different versions of MORE perfect timing.  

Let’s get this out of the way. YES, there WERE at least 7 better ways you could’ve done it and…that pales versus the truth that IMPERFECT ACTION IS BETTER THAN PERFECT INACTION.  

So good. Read that again. 

Ego is an armchair quarterback. Ego is the person who ISN’T playing, ISN’T under pressure in the moment, ISN’T expected to deliver and ISN’T held accountable for the delivery, having an opinion about what the person who IS, could’ve done better! (Yes, that should sound insane). 

I want you to think of the doubt that jumps up after you’ve done the right thing and the HARD thing as dismissible. You chose. You acted.  

Now is the time to put your attention back into the PRESENT. Doubt is always in the PAST.  In the present, you can decide if you are indeed unsafe or if you are merely feeling vulnerable. 

If you have exposed yourself to probable punishment or retaliation, you’ll need your focus to decide how best to protect yourself. 

Doubt gets in the way after you’ve acted, ONLY if you are willing to play in the hypothetical past. Don’t. 


Can you prioritize IMPERFECT ACTION this week? 

 In Joy,

P.S. An easy way to get through this Stage is by using a timer! Set a timer to 20 minutes and give yourself permission to doubt AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Help yourself doubt. Lean into it. Listen carefully to the whisperings. 

And then…when the timer goes off…you announce that doubt time is concluded.  And when doubt pops back up again, as it will, you’ll gently remind it that it had it’s turn already.  Same way you would a 6 year old hogging a video game.  Faith is back at the wheel. 

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