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[Clarity] The Hot Guy vs. Gum (Winner Revealed!)

The Hot Guy vs. Gum (Winner Revealed!)

Last week I was flying from Atlanta home to Chicago.

I’ve been flying a bit recently and kept joking with everyone that I was waiting to sit next to a 6’ 2” hot guy.

What kept happening? I kept getting seated next to older women that I discovered needed some coaching. 😊  God spreads me around.

But finally! Finally. I’m boarding 83rd (literally) and walking down the aisle looking for an emergency exit row seat (those have the most legroom and on Southwest airline flights there is no assigned seating). 

And I always get an emergency exit row pretty much no matter when I board the plane. 

Sure enough, my favorite exit row, the window seat is open and hallelujah, seated on the aisle is 6’2″ hot guy!

I get seated, give thanks and immediately dig
into my bag for the two things I always fly with – my knitting and some gum.

Knitting – check. Gum. Gum? Gum!!

No gum. Fudge. I even comment to Mr. Hot Guy that I forgot my gum (did you know that sympathy smiles look
waaay better with dimples?)

After another full minute of fruitless searching for my take off gum, I give up.

I look up just in time to see an older woman smiling at my seat, or more accurately, at the seat BETWEEN me and Mr. Hot Guy!

This should be the point where I say that I immediately thought charitable and loving thoughts toward this woman. That is NOT what happened. 

For at least 15 seconds a string of epithets and woe ran through my head.
 And then I remembered – I remembered that I can’t lose my true mate. 

If he’s my mate, he would find a way to talk to me even if it meant he had to lean across her lap!

Soothed, I commenced the
neighborly conversation with Ms. Hot Guy Blocker. 

Two minutes later she takes out the world’s largest container of gum and offers me a piece!

Asked God for a Hot Guy. Asked God for Gum.

Hot Guy vs. Gum – the Gum won!

The Universe knew that this particular hot guy wasn’t MY particular hot guy and that I really needed a piece a freaking gum. So, it sat this woman right between us so she could hand deliver my desired piece of gum!

That’s called manifestation.

You may not get what you want but you always get what you need. Be grateful.

Later in the flight, I taught her how to knit on a round loom and all three of us ended up talking and laughing as we left the plane. 

And since I tear gum in half, I had a piece for my return flight too. 

In Joy,

P.S. Always be grateful for getting what you need! That is a Pre-Requisite to getting what you WANT! 

P.P.S. On the flight back, I finished this second hat (I love TEAL!) and chewed my half stick of gum next to a sleeping couple! As I’m not stupid, I will be keeping gum INmy knitting bag to prevent future Hot Guy cancellations!


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