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Can you have a family and a career?

Can you have a family and a career?

For women, having a successful career is not a big problem these days – considering the fact that more and more women are proving themselves in various types of professions. Even those occupations which have been traditionally regarded as male dominated are now also witnessing the entry of females. However, juggling family responsibilities with professional duties continues to be a challenge for women. If you are a woman who is wondering whether you can have a family as well as a successful career, the following tips can help you.

Make a proper plan

When was the last time you ever made a sound plan regarding how to handle your personal and professional responsibilities for the week? If you did not, this is the time to start. Create a proper plan that takes care of all the top priorities until the next Sunday, and go about finishing them like a checklist. Once the week goes by, ensure that all the duties are completed and make the plan for the next week.

Be a better manager of time

Time management is important for taking care of both home and work. Women are natural at multi-tasking and can generally manage time very well, dividing hours equally between various tasks. However, individual capability varies and if you are poor at time management, it is time to stop feeling guilty and do something about it. Make a schedule of your daily duties and allot some time to each of these tasks. Make realistic schedules, and try to fulfill your work within the time frames that you have set. Even if you cannot do it at first, keep at it. You will soon improve your time management skills.

Evaluate your goals

From time to time, evaluate your objectives and find out whether they are being met. Are you taking care of your family enough? Are you completing most of your professional tasks on time? Are you happy, and making others as happy as possible. These are important questions to consider when you are attempting to juggle home and workplace.

Ask for help

There is no need to feel shy about asking for help. Generally, women are likelier to seek assistance than men and have no social embarrassment about it. Ask your spouse to lend a hand in taking care of kids and home, request a co-worker to help you with some office work and promise to return the favor in a similar way, ask your kids to pack their bags for school or empty the trash cans and so on. A little help can assist you a lot in juggling both home and work.

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