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[Stress] Easy Exercise to reduce Your Stress Right Now

Easy Exercise to Reduce Your Stress Right Now

Many of you spend every day in a state of at least low-level anxiety.

What you DON’T realize is how much of the weight on your shoulders is coming from worrying about someone else.

Remember, Alphas are RESCUERS. We put on our capes and fly around SAVING people and situations. Worrying about them goes right along with that.

So…let’s do some math! (It won’t hurt, I promise.) 

Exercise to Reduce Your Stress by Noticing What It’s Costing You

1) Hold up your 10 fingers. The 10 fingers represent the TOTAL energy you have each day to accomplish anything you need to get done.

2) Put down 2 fingers for the energy and attention you spend worrying about your Mom. 3 more for your kids. 1 for your mate (2 if you don’t have a mate and are wondering where the hell they are). 2 more for work. Use your own situations & finger count.

3) Math time! Mom’s 2 + Kids’ 3 + Hubby’s 1 + Work’s 2 = 8!        
8 of your 10 ‘fingers’ of daily energy are ALREADY TAKEN. Already “entangled” and occupied thinking thoughts and plotting plans for all THOSE people.

How much do you have left for YOU?
I’ve never seen an honest Alpha have more than 5. That meant that rare unicorn Alpha was allowed to use a maximum of 50% of her OWN time and energy for her OWN goals and dreams.

Most Alphas have 2-3 available.
(My old score? 2 Family, 2 Husband & 3 My Law Firm = 7 Taken, 3 available.)

Now do you see why you can’t get anything done?

Why you are still in roughly the same spot as last year?

Here’s the Bad News: There is some pretty deep wiring that drives you to do all of this rescuing & worrying and it’s fairly hard to change alone. 

Good News:
You CAN do short “Worry Free Zones” on your own!

Tomorrow: Wake up and declare it a Worry About Me Only Day.
One day. If all those people can’t get along for ONE DAY without you doing for them, chasing and herding them – you all have a much bigger problem than you think. If you feel too GUILTY to take your One Day, then we really need to talk.

On Wednesday I talked about making intentional time for yourself to be alone. If you can’t follow my advice, it will be because your life is so out of control you AREN’T ALLOWED TO HAVE SPACE IN IT JUST FOR YOU or you are uncomfortable being by alone with yourself.

If you can spot any of these four issues right now:
  • They can’t “do” without you
  • You can’t make the time
  • You feel GUILTY taking the time or
  • You feel weird alone with yourself

Hit Reply
and let me MAKE TIME to help you Alpha.

P.S.I spent years hiding behind my To-Do List, which was full of other people’s crap. I was running on my OWN “Don’t Think I Can Do List” which was years overdue. Want to learn to separate worrying about others from your own personal challenges, so you are clear about what is and isn’t yours to do?

I Show
 Alpha Women Entrepreneurs How to Stop Struggling in Your 
Relationships, Own Your Potential, Build Your Business and BALANCE IT ALL.

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