[Grab Bag REVEALED] And The Mistake Tanya Was Making…

If you only read part of this long post – read down to the $ signs, it can change your life.

Opportunities in life will not SELL themselves to you. You have to sell THEM to YOURSELF.  See my Jan 2016 post “Convince Yourself”

If all the good opportunities need to convince you – YOU ARE IN TROUBLE.Your boss won’t. The lover you don’t have yet won’t. Your diet won’t. Your good is just NOT going to walk up and sit there smiling while you debate it.

Nothing on the planet that is a huge opportunity for your growth, happiness, love, money or advancement will try to CONVINCE you that it is a huge opportunity for you. If you miss it once, you missed it.

You need to develop the skill set of spotting opportunities. Eleanor Roosevelt said most people miss opportunities because they show up to disguised as work! 🙂

Once you spot the opportunity, you have to figure out what the blocks are to it (money, time, distance, don’t know how…) And freaking move them!

That’s what I show you how to do.

 Those who acted on my Grab Bag Gifts for my birthday showed commitment, decisiveness and took action. To reward that, I multiplied their money 65 – 93X!
Grab Bag Surprise Gift - $4.30 became $400 & $43 became $2,200!
Linda, who got both, said “Tanya, I trusted you would ‘make more than good’, so didn’t feel it was really a risk…I think it was more an element of curiosity/surprise about the gift to be revealed…”
Candace from Trinidad said “This is awesome! God just gave me exactly what I needed. Thank you Tanya :-)”
Brian said “Wow. Definitely not a bad return for a decision I made on a lark! (Maybe I should trust that go-with-it impulse a little more often).” 
They took action at the highest level. In fact, no one bought the $4.30 level – they all went ALL THE WAY IN.
Tanya's Oops
Tanya’s Mistake
This changed my life. I realized on my birthday that coaches like me were putting forth the effort to sell you, convince you, cajole you, bribe you, try to lead you and help you to make decisions that you should TOTALLY be making anyway. Think about that.
Why is it that I have to convince you to do what you already know you need to do or want to do??
I have decided that while it is better business and marketing practice to “chase & convince” you (marketing says it takes 7 contacts to make a sale) – it doesn’t feel good to me, so I will stop feeling guilty that I’m not doing enough of it.
I think it weakens you and trains you to expect to be chased by valuable things. What you chase in the Universe flees from you – we are a Universe of ATTRACTION.
And I won’t model or teach what harms you. I was mistakenly following conventional wisdom. Not anymore. I want you STRONGER.

My strength is that I don’t need convincing. So I sometimes I can forget how much you still need it.

When I see an opportunity, if it fits me, I go for it. I was once invited to a free Mediterranean 12 day cruise IF I could get to Rome, Italy in 4 days!
I began flying 36 hours later – had to link 3 flights and 2 buses and all my money to get there.  I returned home and I had .16 cents in my bank account for 24 hours. And it was the trip of a lifetime!
3 Pics of 36 hr Notice for a Med. Holiday
And the next day, an old law firm client who owed me $3,500 for over ayear paid in FULL.  THAT is what happens when you ACT. I can teach you to be the same way.

The big opportunities in your life will not email you eight times to get you to do them. So I won’t either.  The summer camp that you want to be in starting July 17th will be cancelled if not enough people like you sign up.

Now you know why the gurus send you 1 billion emails. It’s because they’re working with your known pattern of not acting and needing to be convinced.

If you can’t figure out how to get your money so you can get into our summer camp (if I don’t cancel it) you contact me and I will help you figure it out. Otherwise, you will go through your life with great opportunities showing up and going by, showing up and going by, showing up and running away. If you do this with my stuff, you do this EVERYWHERE. 

I will only help you if you step forward & ask. And if you do, NO POWER can prevent me from breaking you free. THAT is my promise.

Tanya Stewart (Signature)
P.S. Conventional wisdom also says you won’t read more than 500 words. Screw that too! I write what I need to teach you, that is also a commitment for me. And thank goodness my pictures help!
P.P.S. Congrats to Candace, Linda, Nicole, Brian (HE WAS FIRST TO ACT!), Doug and Ranjana. From CA, IL, PA in the US and Trinidad. Allreceiving $2,200 for the $43 they acted on and played with.

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