[Fun Friday] Try Something NEW Friday


[Fun Friday] Try Something NEW Friday



There is a LOT of science around that supports that brain health and neuroplasticity comes from doing NEW things or old things differently. Even brushing your teeth with your other hand keeps your brain young!


Doings something small, that’s new is easy, it’s good for you and it is actually FUN.


Step 1: Say, God I want to try some new things. (This sets the expectation and Asks so you get COOL new things.)


Step 2: Be willing and say YES. (Also, set aside $10 for this experiment so you can buy something if needed)


That’s it!


I tried the meat and cheese in the “fancy” section of my grocery store and then actually BOUGHT the $10 imported, Italian, super fancy, way too tiny for the price salami they were selling. Turns out, I loved it. Bought another and have now branched into different varieties. Meat is on my approved snacking list!


I turned my radio to the country music station. That is not my normal music. I said, “God tell me about my mate” and turned the station on. I got some of the coolest lyrics that I would LOVE a man to feel for me! Here is one of the songs called “Yeah”. (Country music really does have more positive, “she is amazing” lyrics.)


I now build furniture! I make stuff. I fix stuff. I unclogged my bathroom sink. I reinstalled the deadbolt strike on my front door (my lock turns easily now!) I selected and installed 3 motion activated security lights around my house.


These new skills ALL came from this ONE new thing in this post – where I did something I’ve never done before.



I even made the Newsletter of my local Habitat for Humanity Store with my 1st cabinet project.


Now I’m a Wood Worker!


I am PROUD of myself and I don’t view challenges the same way. And my brain is used to getting new things and problem solving (last week’s Focus Mag Training Post).


Take your $10, open yourself up by asking for guidance to something new and WATCH.

This trains you to:

1) Ask

2) Expect and


It kinda doesn’t get better than that!

If you are ready for your that “something new” to be the life you REALLY want –

ASK me about it!








P.S. I am out in Los Angeles at a Coaching Conference. Learning new things and meeting new people! Be sure to let me know what the “new” thing you tried was!!


P.P.S. I am cooking up something cool for Black Friday! And you’ll want to say HELL YES to it! Get ready!


Happy Veterans Day!


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