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[Commitment] Fear Coasting, NOT Failing…

Fear Coasting, NOT Failing

There are considerable dangers to going “all in” for your dreams or for yourself. The danger is you get really tired, spend money or look foolish and…that’s it. That’s all.

We are more afraid of going all in for a dream and failing than afraid of ‘coasting’ through life.  

We don’t consider weak efforts 
a failure and inherently dangerous.
Weak effort used to mean your family starved to death. As things have gotten safer, we’ve gotten softer.

Lots of Native American tribes had ritual rites of passage for their young men that required them to go all in. Tests of strength and discipline and courage.  Stories I’ve heard of Braves running miles and miles holding a mouth full of water and spitting it out at the end. 

We not only do not require our children and young people to push themselves to a breaking point, we actively discourage it. The world has grown afraid of extreme effort (and yet it’s all we want on tv and from our millionaire sports heroes). What happened to “I went to the Danger Zone??”

I remember in high school my cross country coach (the distance for girls was 2.1 miles) told us we weren’t really trying unless we collapsed or threw up at the finish.  We trained on a ski slope. We’d run laps up-and-down the slope off-season and when he blew the whistle, wherever you were, you had to sprint. Today? He’d be sued for pushing us that hard. 

Somehow, somewhere along the way, giving it everything you had became “Just do your best honey.” 
And do your best somehow doesn’t actually mean do the very best you’re capable of doing anymore. 

It is way more likely if you hear someone say “I did my best” they are defending an average to mediocre performance and that phrase shields them from further attack or questioning. 

The truth is I’d never gone all in and given something everything I had until just a few years ago, as I was building my very first global Summit (The Turning Point Summit).
I’d gone traveling around the world for a month to Australia and China leaving myself with 21 days to do what I needed three months to do. And…I did it. 

And oh how it cost me! I put sleep on the back burner and I focused. I didn’t accept no for an answer from anyone else and most importantly not from myself. 

During my second summit, I recall going to bed at 2 AM and waking up at 6 AM to work to days in a row. Now I know I have that discipline in me!

One of the biggest things about pushing yourself to the wall is that you realize that you can go so much further than your mind comfortably let you think you could.  

Just like most cars are designed to still have gas in them even though the gauge shows empty, you can go well after you think you’re empty. 

Pushing yourself to your breaking point is good for you when it is DONE FOR YOU (not other folks).
 Done for others it’s rescuing or martyrdom.

While I was building my shelves, I was up till 2 AM two nights in a row, working. I pushed myself to hit my self-imposed deadline to have shelves for my birthday. The result is better than just beautiful furniture that’s really more art to me. It gave bone deep self-love and self-confidence in ways I can’t begin to describe. 

Are you ready to stop screwing around and create the life you keep watching other women have? Coaching with me is an ALL IN SPORT.  I’ve got the time to build your dream alongside of you, if you’ve got the guts to go all in on it NOW. 


P.S. Don’t die having never felt the glory of burning your candle at both ends plus the middle for however long it takes to reach your goal. 

Have you gone all in on something in your life? What was it? How long ago was it? Tell me what you fought for with everything you had…

It’s 2am now and I’m building summit 3, the Academy for Alphas! Worth it.



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