[Action] The Hard Work of Simplicity #3: Making Love Work

Love Doesn’t HAVE to Be Soo Hard

You can simplify the task of loving your partner down to ONE FOCUS THIS WEEK.

Just notice more.  Notice more things they like.  Notice more things they dislike.

Notice when they need your attention and notice when they need to be left alone/need space (and don’t make that about YOU!). 

You cannot give them what they need unless you FIRST notice what that is.

Just Notice More

Alpha do not get tempted to disregard this training because it’s…well…it’s not HARD. 

Alphas are wired for struggle. For the complex. The IMPOSSIBLE

Here’s the truth, you’d have to be a fairly mean person to NOTICE what he needs and then…SKIP IT. Avoid it. Delay it. 

Now do you see how critical the “noticing” is??

The favorite way our egos block us from giving the small things our partner’s most need is by DISTRACTING US. 

We are distracted with kids, work, weight loss, the last argument. 

We aren’t paying attention. We aren’t on the look out for the little things.  

Your big stuff may not be working. I get it. But you know what?  

Marriages fail more because of LITTLE things ALWAYS being missed.  

Marriages (and any relationships) can weather illness, unemployment and probably even Corona Virus…but after the 3,000th time we’ve needed a hug and they turn away…? 

Pay Attention.

Then take a small action for your relationships this week (mate, kids, work, friends). 

 In Joy,

P.S. Be on the look out for little things, like carrots.

Sunday morning and last night I made to sure to cut & peel my husband’s snack carrots.  I brought them out arranged in a dish, with his dip, while he sat on the couch.  He’ll happily eat them if he doesn’t have to prep them.  #GoodWifing

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