A Message From Your Fairy GodMother

You Are Invited....

To benefit from my "Fairy Godmother Project",

where I bless a highly visible, hard-working & kind alpha woman referred to me for help.

Who is your fairy godmother? This is me...

Watch my TV interview starting at 45:43 (5 mins):

Homework Required to Meet Your Fairy Godmother

Start Here

Download "The Alpha Origins".

You are Alpha, come see

your whole life explained.

Make notes all in one document

of the insights, ah-has it gives you.


Read "Stop Struggling for Success" below.

Add ah-has from this,

including responses to pages 18 & 19

to your notes for me.

Last Steps

These are the Breakfree Trainings!

Soo much helpful stuff in here for you.

Read. Add your "oh my gosh, that's me!

moments" to your single notes doc &

Email  it to me:

LawyerTanya@yahoo.com ❤️

I Can Change Your Life In 90 Minutes...

(No Strings. No Pitch. )

Just Reach out for it & do your prep work.


Stop Spinning & Get Clear Next Steps

This we can do Julie!